Dota 2 DPC China Tour 1 Predictions

Published: Dec 29, 2021

The DPC China Tour 1 Division I will start in 2022 with a new format. The Chinese region has always been the top contender for The International event in Dota 2. After Valve’s recent Pro Circuit format announcement, China’s Dota 2 season will officially start on January 3. The top eight teams will then compete for the main event, The International 11.

Dota 2 DPC China Tour 1

The new format has split the earlier Pro Circuit into three tours, with the Major and Regional Leagues being the main events. The DPC China Tour 1 Division I will see the top two teams advancing to the first Major of the 2021-2022 season. The teams placed last on the table at the end of the division will then move to Division II to be part of the second Tour as Dota 2 esports extends into another year.

The DPC points will increase for the later tours, with more points gained in Majors than Regional Leagues. Eight teams will participate in the DPC CN Tour 1 Divison I. 6 are from the Upper Division while the other two are from the Lower Division of the last DPC season. These teams include:

Before the season started, the team known as Elephant was part of the Upper Division. However, after they were dissolved, their slot was taken by Royal Never Give Up.

The tournament will be held in a Single Round-Robin format. Each team will play a best of 3 match series. At the end of these matches, the team with the most wins will advance to the next stage, the Playoffs for the Tour 1 Major.

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The second team will advance to the Group Stage of Tour 1, while the remaining teams will continue to participate in the second Tour of Division I. The last two teams will move to Division II as per what is now tradition.

The total prize pool for the DPC CN Tour 1 Division I is $205,000 with 690 DPC points. These amounts will be shared amongst the teams based on rankings.

DPC CN Tour 1 Division I fans can watch the live gameplay of the event in multiple languages through Twitch TV. Spectators who prefer English commentary can visit the PWRDEsports1 channel, while spectators who prefer Spanish commentary can visit the PWRDEsports3 channel.


In the first round of the 2021 China Tour 1 Division I, EHOME will take on Phoenix Gaming. Both teams are desperate to win this game to keep their chances of making the playoffs alive.

Comparing the two rosters, EHOME has the advantage due to Phoenix’s unknown talent. Most of Phoenix’s players are from the second division or might lack professional experience, but they’re not guaranteed to fail.

LGD still holds so much potential for the 2022 season. Even if they lost to Team Spirit in the finals of TI10, they still had an incredible season. They’re the favorites to win it all in 2022 because of their continued excellence.

Several teams in China made changes to their line-ups, and some of them, such as Vici Gaming and Royal Never Give Up, look like they could have some problems at any level if they give in early. If they can cooperate efficiently, then Team Aster and Invictus Gaming can also benefit from having new players on their roster.

The lower division will also be full of talented players looking to secure a slot in the upper division for the next Tour. Each match will be crucial in China’s 2022 DPC Winter Tour and open many possibilities for esports betting in Dota 2.

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