Dota 2 DPC NA Tour 1 Predictions

Published: Nov 29, 2021

As most are aware, North America holds an unfavorable reputation within the Dota 2 esports scene. However, despite the stigma, three NA teams qualified for TI10, two of them working without sponsors.

Although none managed to lift the Aegis of Champions, their appearance provided a breath of hope for the region’s potential in the future. Regarding what will happen in the future, here are our predictions for how the DPC NA 2021-22 season will go down.

Tournament Overview

Like last season, Tour 1 will be conducted in a single round-robin format, with every team playing each other once. All matches are best-of-three series with the possibility of playing tiebreakers added on top of it. The top two teams will qualify for the upcoming Major tournament, whereas the bottom two are relegated to Division II.

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The six teams from the Upper Division in Season 2 of the previous DPC returns. They are joined by the top two teams who were promoted from the Lower Division.

Besides the $205,000 total prize pool is up for grabs, teams will also compete to acquire DPC points. With those points in hand, units gain a better position towards qualification for The International 11.

Top Players


As the main carry of Evil Geniuses, Arteezy is widely regarded as one of the best players NA has to offer. He resided within the Top 5 of farming, KDA, and lane efficiency among all NA players, according to If EG wants to continue being the region’s best team, they will need Arteezy to steer them to victory.


Another player to watch in NA is Quincy Crew’s mid-laner Quinn. Like Arteezy, he was among the best in the region regarding farming and lane efficiency. However, Quinn has also shown his prowess in damage inflicted on enemy heroes. He was second in both seasons last year in damage inflicted to heroes. When it comes to teamfights, no one is better than QC’s namesake player.

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Top Teams

Evil Geniuses

EG entered Division I after conducting a roster overhaul in the offseason, always seen as the perennial favorites. Amongst rumors concerning their lineup, they decided to stick with Arteezy, Abed, and Cr1t- and parted ways with Fly and iceiceice. This made way for the arrival of 19-year-old Russian offlaner Nightfall, who last played for VP.Prodigy.

In addition to Nightfall, they signed two-time TI champion JerAx, who returns from retirement to play for one of his former team’s rivals. EG. Through EG’s fusion of experience and youthful injection, esports betting sites expect them to remain the region’s best.

Team Undying

As the only NA team to field the same roster from last season, Undying holds unflinching confidence for how they will perform next season. There’s no reason to doubt their aspirations concerning their aggressive playstyle that propelled them to the region’s forefront.

Undying features players such as Timado, Bryle, and SabeRLight, who can take over games if the moment demands them to. Last season, the team usually finished outside the Top 2 and reached TI by the last minute. For this season, they look to forego that trepidatious road by surpassing last year’s form.

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