Dota 2 DPC NA Tour 1: Regional Finals Predictions

Published: Feb 7, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Despite the negative reputation of North America in the Dota 2 scene, there were still three teams that qualified for TI10, including two without sponsors.

The presence of the Aegis of Champions was very encouraging for the region’s future in the game. As for the DPC season 2021, we’re expecting a competitive tournament with exquisite performances from most teams.

Regional Finals Overview

These Dota 2 tournaments are well known for their fantastic prize pools and an immense number of spectators. These tournaments are very competitive and attract a lot of Dota 2 players and even fans and viewers new to the Dota 2 esports scene. Through the Dota 2 client, players can watch the games using spectator mode.

The tournament will be held in a round-robin format like the previous season. Each team will play once, with the top two teams securing positions for the Major tournament. The games are best-of-three series, with the possibility of tiebreakers. The bottom two teams will also be relegated to Division II.

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Two teams from the Upper Division are back for another season, while the two teams from the Lower Division are also participating. Aside from the $100,000 prize pool, 380 DPC points are also up for grabs. These points will help teams gain enough momentum to secure a spot in The International 11.

The Dota 2 DPC NA regionals kick off in February of 2022 and have attracted a considerable following from spectators and experts. The teams participating are Evil Geniuses, 4 Zoomers, Quincy Crew, and the recently established TSM from Team Undying.

Quincy Crew vs 4 Zoomers Matchup Prediction

Things are looking different in 2022 as the Quincy Crew are starting to make a name for themselves in this region. They’ve won in three consecutive leagues, including the BTS Pro Series Season 2, OGA Dota PIT League Season 2, and ESL One Birmingham. The addition of Lelis has been a big boost for Quincy Crew, and they’re now looking to continue their success in the rival match against Quincy Crew.

4 Zoomers have also had a successful season, with their first-place finish at the BEAT Invitational being followed by a solid second-place finish at the BTS Pro Series Season 2. The Great American Rivalry may have been the best performance for 4 Zoomers so far, as they posted a 14-4 record in the group stage.

The match between these two teams is one with many possibilities. They have faced off against each other seven times, with the teams managing to each have three wins. The only draw between them was in the BTS Pro Series event. These results might not hold much as 4 Zoomers got two wins in their debut event at the Dota BEAT Invitational Season 9, while the Quincy Crew had a rough time dealing with various issues. However, 4 Zoomers were able to get better in their most recent meeting.

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Although Quincy Crew is expected to win, 4 Zoomers can defeat them. Due to the number of matches these two teams have played, it is hard to imagine one completely overpowering the other.

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Currently, the rankings of the teams in the NA region is:

TSM vs Evil Geniuses Prediction

The 2022 Dota 2 DPC NA regionals kick off with a match between two of the strongest teams in the league, TSM and Evil Geniuses. The opening match is always particular, and for this event, Evil Geniuses are the favorites going into this game.

Evil Geniuses has proved that they are still here to win as Arteezy is considered one of the best players in North America. He is regarded as a leader of Evil Geniuses, and if they want to be the region’s best team, they will need him to lead them. After entering Division I, they started implementing a roster overhaul.

Among the changes they made was dropping Fly and iceiceice and signing Nightfall, a Russian offlaner. They also signed JerAx, a two-time TI champion who will be joining one of his former teams’ rivals. Their signing of JerAx shows that they’re serious about being the best team in the region. This is why they are expected to win even on various esports betting sites.

TSM is also fully confident that they’ll perform well in the upcoming match. Their aggressive playstyle has earned them the respect of the region’s top teams. TSM will have to consistently play with aggression to disrupt the play style of EG.

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