Omega League 2020 – Complete event overview and top picks

Published: Aug 13, 2020

The replacement for the cancelled Dota 2 TI 2020, comes in the form of Omega League 2020. One month of full Dota 2 action across three competitive regions with over $600,000 USD in prize funds is here to fill the void from the lack of closure to the competitive season.

Epic Esports Events the company behind EPICENTER and Beyond EPIC and WePlay!, the organizers of Pushka League, joined forces to host multi-regional international Dota 2 league.

Omega League 2020 Event Overview

The Omega League is set to run between August 1st and September 6th in three regions (Europe, Americas, Asia) and five divisions.

The European and Americas divisions feature the cream of the crop in competitive Dota 2. The Asian division features a tad lower level of competition.

The Omega League features a slightly different competitive and bracket system then your usual tournaments. Each region has their own specific league format, and before you head over to your favorite Dota2 betting site we’ll have to break each region down individually.

Omega League 2020 Asia

The Asian Omega League event features twelve teams from China and South East Asia battling for $40,000 USD in prize money. Sadly, the usual hard hitters of Asian Dota 2 are not present at this event making it a Tier-2 tournament at best.

The Asian division was the first one to kick-off, as the group stage is almost complete. Playoffs are set to begin this upcoming Monday (August 17). Dota 2 odds are available at multiple providers and the coefficients are the highest you might find among all five Omega League Divisions. Beware when potentially placing bets on these matches, however. Four teams have already faced allegations of match-fixing and Team Linger has already been disqualified.

Team Adroit and the youth divisions of Aster and EHOME are team names you might know. The top performers however, should be Vietnam’s 496 Gaming and the previously mentioned youth team of Aster, Aries.

The Group Stage schedule and updates are available here.

OMEGA League Asian Division

Omega League 2020 Europe

The European League features 24 teams in total, split among two divisions: Immortal and Divine. The competition kicked off August 1st with a series of qualifiers to determine the participants.

Omega League Europe Divine Division
The lower tier of the two is the Divine division featuring twelve Tier-2 European and CIS teams the likes of HellRaisers, Cyber Legacy, B8, and Team Unique.

The teams are divided into two groups and will play a single bo3 round-robin cycle. Three teams from each group will advance to the Playoffs where the four worst-performing teams from the Immortal Division await them.

Cyber Legacy, HellRaisers, and Team Unique are the top picks in the Divine division for any potential bets you might consider placing before playoffs. Do keep in mind that after the Immortal Division plays its group stage the four worst performers will drop down to Divine Playoffs and automatically become the favorites.

On a side note, Dendi’s B8 has encountered serious trouble with their position 3 player, Oleg “LastHero” Demidovich. The player has been recently detained by the Belarus authorities amid protests following the recent presidential elections. We are unsure if B8’s schedule will be adjusted for their upcoming matches regarding the recent development.

Omega League Europe Immortal Division

The Immortal Division features some of the best Dota 2 teams on the planet and $500,000 in prize money between them. Teams Secret, Liquid, Virtus.Pro, NaVi, Alliance, OG, Evil Geniuses, Alliance, and Nigma are all present and fighting in what is the most packed Dota 2 competition of the year.

Additionally, NiP, FlyToMoon,, and 5men are present to challenge the status quo and prove their worth in this division. These latter four are likely the ones “advancing” to the Divine Division playoffs after the group stage.

The Group stage matches are set to begin tomorrow (August 14) in both groups. Bookmakers like already feature odds for the Immortal Division, packed full of exotic markets and over 100 potential match outcomes to choose from.

Due to how the 2020 season developed, predictions are almost impossible to make for outright tournament winner or playoffs participants. Every potential bet has to be made on a case by case basis. We can however say we are thrilled Team Secret and OG are playing in the same event and are potentially set to finally clash this season.

It is worth noting that Abed will not be playing for Evil Geniuses at this event and will be replaced by Gpk. Additionally, KuroKy the captain of Team Nigma is still recovering from an arm injury and will not be playing at the event.

Both of these developments seriously harm EG and Nigmas chances at the event and should negatively impact their odds.

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Omega League 2020 Americas

Omega League Americas is the last of the three regions to start their competition. The event is set to start on the 17th of August in two divisions: Ancient and Divine. Both divisions will feature Tier-2 and Tier-3 teams from North America with participants hailing as far down as the Collegiate level.

Only six participants are confirmed yet, all in the Divine Division. They are Business Associates, Quincy Crew, Thunder Predator, beastcoast, 4 Zoomers, and Infamous. The rest are still playing through qualifiers all across the board and we are likely to receive a final participant list one day before the event officially kicks off.

There are only a few sources of information about the NA qualifiers and your best bet at following this scene is the following Google document.

We will update the Americas section accordingly, once more information is available.

Omega League 2020 Top picks to consider

In the end, it’s only logical to leave you with a few picks to consider.

Outright picks for the Immortal Division – Team Liquid (7.5), OG (15), and Alliance (9). Bets on either or all three of these teams bring exponential returns. Team Secret are the absolute favorites at the event, but if anyone can challenge them it’s one of these three teams.

Map Duration bets on Team Secret and OG can be placed with sub 35minute bets on Secret and over 35min games on OG.

Map Duration bets on teams Cyber Legacy and Voldy in the EU Divine Division for over 35min games in most matches.

You can safely bet against Team Nigma in every match they play to get good returns on your investment.

Watch all of the matches at the Omega League at WePlay! Esports Twitch Channel.

Featured Image Credits: WePlay!
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