Dota 2 Stockholm Major Fantasy, Cards and How to Get Involved

Published: May 13, 2022

What a great sight it is, we enter the second day of LAN play for the Dota 2 Stockholm Major. With many great teams on display and us already witnessing some interesting results, there is still plenty of time for more stunning moments to happen. With having seen a new look OG coming out with a positive game difference, and EG losing all four games, no outcome is a certainty.

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Day 1 Results

Group A:

Group B:

For the first time in nearly two years, fans will be able to attend the Hovet Stadium in Stockholm for the knockout stages. Despite this fact, the fans sitting at home can also get involved with each game and receive rewards. Dota 2 fantasy rewards spectators from anywhere with brilliant prizes for the correct predictions. With personal fantasy levels, shards and lineage treasure at stake, why not earn while you watch?

How to get involved and tips

Ensure you have your fantasy account setup, and then earn or purchase fantasy card packs. With your first win of each day, you will receive a free card pack. You can also buy card packs, or if you join the Dota 2 Supporters Club, bonus packs can be awarded to your account. Ideally, if you predict earlier on in the day, your chances of more points will rise. After you have attained your packs, go ahead and open them.

Next, select your line up. Before you fully decide on your own team for the day, check out the full day schedule. As a tip, check which players you have available. From that, then check which teams they will play against. This will allow you to sway the odds of victory in your favour. With recent results taken into consideration, it would be a good call to select players from Thunder Predator.

With the only perfect 4-0 record across day one, they are looking strong favourites for qualification after just two matchups.

Gaimin Gladiators, T1 and the reformed OG all have great players to keep an eye on, but with so many games still left to play in the group stages, there is no guarantee.

Tournament Structure

Now that you know how to play, get involved and earn your rewards. The group stages for Stockholm Major 2022 will continue until Sunday 15th May, with the knockout stages running from 16th – 25th May. This allows for three more full days of chances to win. Knockout play will also allow you to compete with Dota 2 Fantasy, so there is always a chance to finish high up in the leaderboards.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your favourite food and drink, then go and support your players to victory.

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