Dota 2 Teams Complain About Suboptimal Practice Rooms

Posted on October 6, 2021 - Last Updated on October 6, 2022

DOTA 2 fans have been looking forward to The International finally happening. But, unfortunately, due to COVID and global health conditions last year, Valve had to postpone the event.
While fans are excited, there is some news coming out of Bucharest.

The best Dota 2 teams competing at the tournament have complained about their suboptimal living conditions. Specifically, teams have concerns with their practice rooms and the questionable COVID protocols. Unfortunately, this news comes just days before the group stages start.

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On Twitter, a post from Team Spirit’s manager, Dmitry Korb3n Belovon, showed a room tour and the practice room state. The video also showed how crammed the players were in a kitchen. With shockingly no internet and not even toilet paper, it almost seemed that Valve was not ready for this tournament.

Many were even comparing this to the disaster that was Shanghai.

How Could This Happen?

As of right now, Valve has not released a statement regarding the video or the complaints coming from other teams. Likewise, there is no information regarding the room placements, but Team Spirit’s manager had his thoughts.

Belovon claimed that the teams in the top ten had bigger rooms. “I’m waiting for next year, and I hope it will be better. Maybe then they will start giving away water and food, depending on this ranking too – no DPC points, no food,” he concluded.

Reddit user SADotoBestDoto posted a meme illustrating Belovon’s statements, with the text reading: “No DPC points, no food” and “not filmed in front of a live studio audience” as an added touch.

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The complaints are not just coming from the players either—the Director of Content at Esports.GG Lawrence “Malystryx” Phillips posted a video of his own on Twitter, comparing the TI10 press room as the “cupboard underneath the stairs” from Harry Potter.

Suppose you take a look at Virtus.Pro, a team that placed third through DPC points, seems to have a bit more space. It’s not a penthouse suite by any means, but the VP players aren’t as crushed together as Team Spirit. Virtus.Pro has not yet publicly complained about their setup either.

Understandably, fans would be upset seeing their favorite players endure situations like this. Especially given that over $160 million was generated through the DOTA 2 Battle Pass to fund this prestigious esports tournament.

What Should Valve Do About This?

Valve has yet to provide a statement on the matter, and Team Spirit has yet to indicate whether the issue has improved or remediated.

Ultimately, it is unacceptable that the PGL, the TI10 organizers, did not provide suitable accommodation and equal treatment to all the attending teams. It is even more concerning that Valve could not have provided better accommodation for players. Considering the $40 million in prize money being put on the line this year, it is especially concerning.

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