Dota 2 Winter Battle Pass: Aghanim’s Labyrinth

Published: Dec 16, 2021

The much-awaited Dota 2 update has arrived. It includes the all-new Battle Pass and Aghanim’s event.

Get ready for the mind-bending adventure of Aghanim’s Labyrinth’s Battle Pass, which features a variety of new content and rewards in store for those who join. This includes immortal treasures, an all-new Mirana Persona, Hoodwink prestige bundle, and a whole vault full of more.

Aghanim Returns

Aghanim’s magic has been spread dangerously thin by a gang of alter egos that he has created in the multiverse. Without his ability to go into the Continuum Vault, he will no longer be able to safeguard his powers, and therefore He cannot fish them out. Aghanim must rely on four heroes to save his doppelgangers and fix the continuum situation.

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A continuum event is a multiplayer event that will let players experience the ancient Vault in a group of four players. It will also give them various options for choosing their path as they go on a thrilling journey.

The Battle Pass will have weekly quests that will give players battle points, and each week, players can earn up to 18 stars. They’ll also unlock four rewards in doing so, which are vital to increasing the BP level. The new Rune Spawn Indicator also helps players take those runes as they spawn, and there’s a new indicator called the Average Gold Bounty. This will help determine the average gold bounty for each lane creep when the Alt key is held.

This new thrilling content will give players an immersive experience as they prepare for the upcoming tournaments in the Dota 2 esports scene.

Controller Updates

Valve has added support for controllers for Dota 2. In addition to the usual features, Dota 2 updates also introduce a world where players can now customize their controller settings, allowing them to play with various configurations. This feature is still in its testing phase, and the company is seeking feedback from the community.

You can now battle it out in Dota using any PC controller that accepts Steam input (XBOX, PS, or Switch Pro). Just plug in your controller and select a hero to take on the challenge. Some practice is needed to be perfect, but every hero in the game can now be played using controllers. For any occasions where you’re not exactly sure what your preferred method is, switch between the controllers and keyboard on the fly.

The controller updates are here to introduce a new era of Dota, which might affect the way Dota esports is played. This brings new possibilities and options for esports players who find controllers more convenient and efficient. While this shakes the potential of esports in Dota 2, the Winter Tour is still on the go. The event continues, packed with various esports betting opportunities for fans of the game.

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