This Week In Esports Betting: Dota 2 The International 2016 Takes Shape, Regional Qualifiers Complete

Posted on July 1, 2016 - Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Last week we brought you news that the main qualifiers across four geographic regions were being contested for a coveted place in the Main Event of The International 2016.

After a frantic week of gaming, which has seen several major upsets and the emergence of some new Dota 2 talent, we now know the names of the teams that have earned a place in the Main Event itself, or the Wildcard playoffs.

The four qualifying events came after two teams in each qualified for these events via Open Qualifiers earlier this year and we will examine the key results in each of the four geographic regions below.

The International American Qualifier

Seven teams competed for the privilege of a place in The International 2016 main event in the American qualifier but it was the Open Qualifiers Evil Geniuses who prevailed and earned the first place in the main event.

They topped the group stage alongside DO, both with a 5-1 record, which required a tie-breaker between the teams where Evil Geniuses pulled off something of a surprise defeating their opponents to earn a place in the finals.

Three other teams joined compLexity Gaming in the playoffs, and it was Digital Chaos and compLexity gaming that made it through to the Grand Final for the second place in the finals. However once again compLexity came up just short, losing an exciting final 3-2, earning themselves only a Wildcard spot, while Digital Chaos claimed the second place in the finals.

The International European Qualifier

Competition was fierce in the European qualifier with only two wins the difference between eighth place Team Empire and the three teams tied at the top of the table with a 6-3 record. Following a three-way playoff, Team Secret earned the place in the finals finishing top of the group, sending Escape Gaming and Fantastic Five into the playoffs.

In the playoffs however it was Alliance, who had finished in fifth place in the table, that prevailed, defeating Escape Gaming 2-1, Ad Finem 2-0 and then Escape Gaming once again 3-1 in the final to earn the second qualification spot.

Escape Gaming earning the Wildcard.

The International Southeast Asian Qualifier

There was another 3-way tie in this qualifier with TNC Gaming eventually coming through the playoffs with Fnatic and Execration. In the process they earned themselves a place in the Main Event and condemned the two other teams to the playoffs.

Given these three teams domination of this event, it was unsurprising that both Fnatic and Execration both progressed into the final, where Fnatic earned the second qualifying spot with a 3-1 win, with Execration taking the Wildcard.

The International Chinese Qualifier and Wings Gaming took the top places in the Chinese qualifier section, requiring a playoff before Wings Gaming edged home to take the first qualifying spot by virtue of finishing top of the Round Robin stage table.

At the time of writing the Playoff final is taking place where are taking on VG Reborn, however it is Vici Gaming Reborn that currently leads the contest 2-1 in the best of five match up, making them favourites to take the second and final automatic qualification spot and perhaps pushing EHOME into the wildcards.

With a prize pool of over $14,000,000 available for this huge tournament, the Main Event will take place in Seattle from the 3rd August to the 13th August. Check out your preferred esports betting service for all the latest esports betting odds on which of the qualified teams or wildcard holders, are the favourites to take home one of the richest ever prizes in esports history.

CS:GO Esports Season 1 continues – teams battle for $1.4m prize pool

Eleague CSGOThere may be still some way to go before the winner of the esports ELEAGUE Season 1 is known, with the final to take place on the 30th July, however, since the competition began, it has produced some of the best CS:GO betting action of the year.

This week, Group F is being played to completion and after this match up, the make up of the teams that have automatically qualified for the Finals as Group Winners will be known, along with the eight teams that make it through to the Last Chance Qualifier with a chance to earn one of the two places available in the main event.

Currently in Group F, Team EnVyUs lead the way along with each with 3-1 records, while Gambit Gaming and compLexity Gaming both have 0-2 records after their first game. The remaining three matches will be played in the early hours of the morning UK time on the 29th/30th June and you can find plenty of betting on the three remaining matches at Bet365 esport.

Once the final line up of the table is known following the conclusion of Group F, the makeup of the teams entering the final phases of the competition will be known. The winner of Group F will join the winners of the other groups, Natus Vincere, Astralis, Fnatic, G2 Esports and Luminosity Gaming in the final direct.

The six group runners up will enter the Last Chance Qualifier alongside the two best third placed teams from qualifying, which at the moment is ex-SK Gaming and Mousesports and it would take a huge effort from either of the bottom two teams in Group F to beat those two teams to the spots.

Each group has a playoff system to decide the eventual winner and runner up spot, rather than taking group positions alone. The five runners up confirmed from the group play offs are FaZe Clan, Flipsid3 Tactics, G2 Esports, Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming.

There is a choice of top quality betting available on this event currently at Bet365 and when the Wild Card competition and of course, the Main Event kicks off, then you will be able to enjoy plenty of high quality betting on this million-dollar Counter Strike: Global Offensive event.

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