In Dota 2, 3 + 3 + 3 = The Summit 5 – Here Are Our eSports Betting Picks

Published: May 16, 2016 - Last Updated: Sep 13, 2019

After our complete analysis at the Canada Cup Season 6, we are back with the Summit 5. The tournament already featured a lot of action all around with the teams going wild against each other.

On May 17, the Summit 5 will feature three best-of-three series between the teams. The interesting thing about this tournament is that those teams have performed really well in the Manila Major qualifiers, which the audience wasn’t expecting.

For example, Vegetable Esports Club includes professional and experienced players and those players are casters as well. So, using their vast knowledge about Dota 2 professional teams, they fought well in the Manila Major qualifiers, however one team cannot qualify for the tournament immediately after the formation.

Let’s have a look at the Summit 5 in more detail and with our picks for those readers who also fancy a visit to an esports betting site during this week’s action.

No Diggity vs. Danish Bears – 18:00 UTC

The second series of the day will be played between No Diggity and Danish Bears. According to the recent performances, No Diggity have been performing quite well and they stunned everyone in the Manila Major qualifiers by their astonishing drafting line-up.

Moreover, the decision making of Troels ‘syndereN’ Nielsen is always on the mark. He always tries to pick roaming supports such as Night Stalker, Bane, etc. because the main target of No Diggity is to shut down the opponent team’s cores.

On the other hand, Danish Bears were also performing well in the past couple of tournaments until they faced !Rebels!.

!Rebels! destroyed Danish Bears in the recent best-of-three series. In the drafting phase, Danish Bears often get confused about the line-up that they’re going to pick. If they’re thinking of getting full pushing line-up, then the opponent team counter one of their heroes and therefore, they have to change the whole line-up just for the sake of that one counter hero.

With the above analysis, No Diggity should find themselves pretty much comfortable while competing against Danish Bears in the best-of-three series at the Summit 5.

Prediction to win the series

No Diggity.

Chances of No Diggity winning the series

  • 2-0: 35%
  • 2-1: 65%

Bet range: Medium

Bet status: Normal

Infamous vs. Vegetables Esports Club – 21:00 UTC

The second series of the day will be played between Infamous and Vegetables Esports Club.

As mentioned above, Vegetables Esports Club are a newly-formed team of some of the noted retired professional players such as Jacob Toft ‘Maelk’ Andersen, Kevin ‘Purge’ Godec, Ben ‘merlini’ Wu, to name a few.

These players are also the part of Dota 2 panel list in big tournaments like The International and Dota 2 Majors. So they analyze the teams more appropriately than any other person.

So far, they’ve played two series only with one win and one loss. But as far as their individual skill level is concerned, they’ve the ability to take down any big team in the world. Although, players in Vegetables Esports Club haven’t played many games professionally together, their mind games are very tricky and this often helps to win the game.

On the other hand, Infamous are unstable right now in the Dota 2 professional scene. They did fairly well in their recent tournaments, but playing in the Summit 5 is a big deal for them because they will be facing the professional teams from all around the world.

Vegetables Esports Club definitely have a brighter chance to win against Infamous in the best-of-three series on the basis of experience and individual skill level.

Prediction to win the series

Vegetables Esports Club.

Chances of Vegetables Esports Club to win the series

  • 2-0: 30%
  • 2-1: 70%

Bet range: Medium

Bet status: Good

FDL vs. Elite Wolves – 22:55 UTC

The last day of the series will be played between FDL and Elite Wolves. Looking at the recent series, Elite Wolves are running hot and in the Summit 5 alone, they are on a winning streak of six games.

Elite Wolves are utilizing the Meta heroes pretty well and so far, they’ve been successful in all kind of drafts.

On the other hand, FDL also performed well against big teams in the Manila Major qualifiers, however their performance in the Summit 5 isn’t up to their maximum potential. Recently, they’re struggling a lot against professional teams and it seems like that the current Meta heroes don’t fit at all in their hero pool.

By comparing the stats of both of the teams, it is Elite Wolves that should be able to take down FDL in the best-of-three series at the Summit 5, but of course compare esports betting odds before making your final AlphaDraft or Betway selections.

Prediction to win the series

Elite Wolves.

Chances of Elite Wolves to win the series

  •         2-0: 50%
  •         2-1: 85%

Bet range: High

Bet status: Excellent

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