DPC Tour 3 Division 1 2023 Betting Preview – Odds and Predictions

Posted on May 11, 2023

Ahead of the upcoming Bali Major, there’s more DPC action to look forward to. Specifically, DPC Tour 3 Division 1 2023 is the final opportunity for teams to earn seeding for The International. Accordingly, read on for an exciting and updated betting preview!

Best Sites for Betting on the DPC Tour 3

DPC Tour 3 Division 1 2023 – Event Details

DPC RegionStart DateEnd DateTeamsPrize Pool
South America14th May 20233rd June 20238$205,000
North America15th May 20234th June 20238$205,000
Southeast Asia15th May 20235th June 20238$205,000
China16th May 20234th June 20238$205,000
Western Europe15th May 20234th June 20238$205,000
Eastern Europe14th May 20234th June 20238$205,000

DPC Tour 3 Division 1 2023 – Outright Odds

In order to preview each region, we’ll be using outright odds as made available by GG.Bet and offering our own predictions. As one of the top esports betting sites, feel free to learn more about the platform in our GG.Bet review.

At the time of righting, every DPC region has outright Dota 2 betting odds available except for Eastern Europe.

DPC Tour 3 Division 1 South America

TeamOutright Odds
Evil Geniuses2.1
Thunder Awaken13
Infinity Esports23
Infamous Gaming25
Hokori 25
Mad King Esports34
Balrogs E-Sports50

Starting with South America, this smaller region managed to impress at ESL One Berlin Major after Evil Geniuses fought to earn their fourth place seed.

Accordingly, it’s no wonder that Dota 2 betting sites have listed Evil Geniuses as the favourites, followed by beastcoast who also attended the most recent international event.

All the other teams in South America will be doing their best to overthrow these two top teams – only two will be headed to the Bali Major.

DPC Tour 3 Division 1 Southeast Asia

TeamOutright Odds
Talon Esports2.6
Team SMG5
BOOM Esports7
Blacklist International8
Bleed Esports9
Army Geniuses21

Next up, Southeast Asia’s tight DPC league looks to entertain once again starting as soon as next week.

Although Talon Esports and Team SMG are the favourites, it’s not so clear cut compared to the other competing teams.

Once again, three teams will earn a seed for the upcoming Bali Major – the third spot is rather difficult to predict!

DPC Tour 3 Division 1 Western Europe

TeamOutright Odds
Gaimin Gladiators2.5
Team Liquid3.25
Tundra Esports5
Team Secret13
Entity Gaming26
Quest Esports50
D2 Hustlers80

Respected as one of the best DPC regions in the world, the DPC Tour 3 Division 1 WEU looks to be one of the best Dota 2 tournaments.

Moreover, this is thanks to both Gaimin Gladiators, Team Liquid, Tundra Esports and OG all placing within the top 6 at the ESL One Berlin Major.

With Gaimin Gladiators as the defending international champions, they’ll be competing with other teams in the region to clinch one of the four seeds available for the Bali Major.

DPC Tour 3 Division 1 North America

TeamOutright Odds
Shopify Rebellion1.9
Team TSM1.9
Team DogChamp41

On the other hand, North America will only be sending two teams to the Bali Major.

Similar to South America, two favourite teams according to esports betting sites are seemingly in control of these seeds. Namely, Shopify Rebellion and TSM look to maintain their position in the DPC NA league.

However, anything could happen across the multiple weeks of competition.

DPC Tour 3 Division 1 China

TeamOutright Odds
Team Aster4
Xtreme Gaming7.5
Azure Ray5
Invictus Gaming7.5
Piggy Killer20
Team Bright34

To conclude our predictions is another hugely contested region – China.

Although the region failed to impress at the recent ESL One Berlin Major, the regional competition remains a highlight for viewers.

Currently, most Dota 2 predictions have Team Aster and Xtreme Gaming as the dominant teams, followed by Azure Ray and PSG.LGD. Overall, these four teams will likely be the four heading to the Bali Major.

Specifically, the community is waiting for PSG.LGD to return to their prior form, as yearly contenders for The International.

Event Background – Format and Schedule


DPC Tour 3 Division 1

All roughly taking place within the same time period, with identical prize pools and number of teams, the formats for these tournaments are also similar.

Moreover, participants for each DPC Tour 3 Division 1 tournament were decided as follows:

  • Six teams from Division 1 (Tour 2)
  • Two teams from Division II (Tour 2)

Within each region, a single round-robin will take place, with all matches being BO3. Accordingly, once each team has played one another once, seeding will be awarded as follows:

  • 1-4th place – qualified to the Bali Major
  • 1-6th place – remain in Division 1 for the next tour
  • 7-8th place – relegated to Division 2 for the next tour

Also, it’s worth noting that the Bali Major will be taking place between 29th June and 9th July.

DPC Tour 3 Division 1 Schedule

Considering the vast number of games taking place across the next month, the DPC Tour 3 Division 1 schedule is too long to list here.

Bearing this in mind, we recommend tuning into the particular region of your choice through social media and Twitch.

How to Watch DPC Tour 3 Division 1

DPC Tour 3 Division 1

With so much action to keep up with, the following links are available to view matches for each region:

  • Western Europe – https://www.twitch.tv/pgl_dota2
  • Eastern Europe – https://www.twitch.tv/paragon_eng
  • China – https://www.twitch.tv/pgl_dota2
  • Southeast Asia – https://www.twitch.tv/epulzegaming
  • North America – https://www.twitch.tv/pgl_dota2en2
  • South America – https://www.twitch.tv/btsbrasilesportes

Staying up to date and viewing all the action is a reliable piece of advice should you plan on esports betting.

DPC Tour 3 Betting Markets – Some Examples

Should you plan to bet on DPC Tour 3 Division 1, there are a number of bets to consider, ranging from simple to special bets.

Below we’ve listed some common types of esports betting markets which are available for the DPC tournaments:

  • Match Outright Odds – simply betting on which team in particular will come out on top, regardless if it’s a BO1 or a BO5.
  • Match Outright Odds + Map Handicap – spicing things up when teams are unbalanced, a map handicap can make betting less risky.
  • Tournament Outright Odds – before the event kicks off, as we’ve listed in this article, one may bet on who they think will win the entire thing.
  • Special Bets: occurrence of events, tournament finalists and betting on the team to accomplish something first such as being the first to destroy Towers for example.
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