Dplus vs Team BDS Odds & Prediction: LoL Worlds Swiss Stage

Published: Oct 22, 2023

The Swiss Stage has consistently delivered promising encounters, and the face-off between Dplus and Team BDS is no exception. On this page, read our analysis of the upcoming match between Dplus and Team BDS to give you the LoL Worlds betting insights you need.

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Dplus vs. Team BDS (Best of 3)

Dplus has demonstrated themselves as one of the top contenders in the bracket, while Team BDS, against the odds, has pulled through some tight situations in the Play-Ins, showcasing their resilience.

The anticipated clash on Oct. 23 promises to be nothing short of spectacular.


  • Dplus’s winning strategy would hinge on leveraging their seasoned gameplay and technical skills.
  • By dictating the pace from early on and establishing lane dominance, they can stifle BDS’s strategic moves.
  • Ensuring vision control around objectives and counter-jungling can keep Team BDS in check.

Team BDS

  • For Team BDS, the emphasis should be on exploiting Dplus’s vulnerabilities, if there are any.
  • Utilizing aggressive plays, surprise picks, and efficient shot calling can provide BDS with the upper hand.
  • If BDS can disrupt Dplus’s rhythm and secure early objectives, they stand a good chance of gaining momentum.

Odds & Prediction

Considering Dplus is from a much stronger region, they hold a slight advantage in a Best of 3 format against Team BDS. However, never one to be underestimated, Team BDS, with the right momentum, can be a formidable adversary.

We predict a close series, with Dplus potentially clinching it 2-1, due to their consistency and strategic prowess. That said, fans should gear up for a high-octane contest between these eeports juggernauts. The LoL Worlds betting odds have Dplus as the clear favorite, with 1.11 odds to win.

  • Prediction: Dplus to win 2-1
  • Odds: Dplus 1.11, Team BDS 6.12
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet Esports

Image: Team BDS via X (@TeamBDS)

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