Dr Disrespect Announces His AAA Dev Studio, ‘Midnight Society’

Published: Dec 14, 2021 - Last Updated: Dec 15, 2021

In a somewhat expected but still exciting announcement, internet phenomenon Dr Disrespect has revealed his AAA game development studio, Midnight Society. On Twitter, the infamous and massively popular content creator released a teaser trailer and an (at the moment, very empty) website for the brand. Last night, on the 13th of December, ‘Doc’ invited fans to join a Discord server related to the product, which, within 24 hours, had amassed more than 15,000 users.

Now, the question on our minds is ‘what will Midnight Society produce’, and just how involved will Dr Disrespect be? Here’s the announcement message from the man himself:

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

For a long time, Dr Disrespect has been particularly outspoken against the very games he plays. While he makes his living broadcasting gameplay of titles like Warzone, he’s always very opinionated as to the quality of them. For instance, there’s something of an in-joke among the ‘Two Time’s’ community, which describes the Doc’s hate of Warzone’s lackluster audio and host of bugs. Now, it seems Dr Disrespect is finally taking matters into his own hands, which is something we’ve long suspected would happen.

Midnight Society appears to be Dr Disrespect’s attempt at creating his own industry-leading platform. If we can make any safe assumptions, we’d say that the first project coming out of the studio will be a cutting-edge battle royale title. After all, this genre has been the Doc’s niche for more than two years, and it’s where he excels. Furthermore, we already know that there’s some hefty talent working within Midnight Society, including top-tier ex-Halo and ex-Call of Duty devs.

Dr Disrespect puts out content that boasts remarkable production value. (Image Credit: Dot Esports)

Back in the day, Dr Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, found his feet designing maps for Sledgehammer Games. This kickstarted his connection to Call of Duty, and for the last ten years, the streamer has been closely associated with the franchise. Now, he’s transcending being a simple gamer or streamer, putting together his own development studio. He’s joined by the majority of the team he has worked with for years, but Midnight Society is actively seeking employees to fill some critical roles.

Why Dr Disrespect, and Why Now?

Dr Disrespect is easily one of the most recognisable content creators on the planet. He boasts a staggering net worth, and he regularly broadcasts to millions of viewers. If you hadn’t already guessed, he’s a persona, and the Dr Disrespect character is one that boasts a cool, confident, and brash style. Although, if there’s one thing the Doc knows, it’s videogames – but does that mean he can run a game development studio?

Essentially, yes, it does. He’s had more exposure to the inner working of game development than almost every other creator out there. He’s of an age where he may need to start slowing down with his high-octane creations, and what better way than to found a highly productive development studio? His brand is second-to-none, and the man himself is a multi-award-winning champion of gaming.

While we’re yet to see anything even remotely tangible come out of this announcement, we can appreciate that everybody starts somewhere. With Dr Disrespect’s backing and foundation in the industry, we are sure that something will be revealed very soon. As the character himself touts, everything he does is laced with ‘violence, speed, and momentum’.

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