Dr Disrespect is Suing Twitch

Published: Aug 25, 2021

It has been a little over a year since Dr Disrespect got banned from the popular streaming platform Twitch. Since then, he has found a new home at YouTube and has continued to flourish as one of the biggest YouTube streamers and content creators. However, the Twitch ban has caused Dr Disrespect great damage, both in terms of income and networking. Being permanently banned on Twitch means that sponsors will think twice before approaching you.

In one of his recent streams, the two-time Blockbuster Games World Champion opened up about his Twitch ban and mentioned that he now knew what the reason behind his Twitch ban was, and that he was suing Twitch. If Doc does end up suing Twitch, then the reason for his ban would also most likely be revealed in the process. Twitch has remained silent on the matter, but perhaps now they’ll be forced to act and finally spill the beans on why dr disrespect got banned.

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Twitch is just too big

In his stream, Dr Disrespect said that his current earnings on YouTube are just one quarter of the amount he used to earn on Twitch. Seems strange seeing how YouTube is also one of the biggest platforms in the world, so why is there such a big discrepancy? There’s a good reason for this.

As Dr Disrespect pointed out, the Twitch streaming ecosystem is much more alive. The website is structured in such a way that even when one streamer stops streaming, the viewers simply move onto the next streamer and the conversation continues. Also, the chat section of Twitch often remains active even when the channel is offline and the streamer is not streaming.

All of this contributes towards higher levels of interaction and engagement. Which is something that YouTube is still lacking when it comes to streaming. Twitch allows streamers to host one another, which is why streamer networking on Twitch is much easier and way more effective.

How does this tie into the story of Dr Disrespect? Well, by being banned on Twitch, Dr Disrespect lost all of that. Years of hard work, all the connections he has made, sponsorship deals, and not to mention all the revenue he was earning from Twitch with tens of thousands of subscribers at the time. The ban has dealt a huge blow to his brand and the Dr Disrespect net worth, and has probably influenced his decision to now sue the company.

Image Credits | Twitch

When will the truth come out?

The bombshell news that Dr Disrespect was suing Twitch hit the streaming community like a hurricane. Dr Disrespect’s ban has been the topic of discussion for months and nobody knew why he was so suddenly removed from the platform, or what he could have done to warrant such a drastic measure.

Dr Disrespect suing Twitch means that he knows the reason why he was banned and is confident in his ability to prove his case in court. Twitch has remained silent for over a year now, but it does feel like things are finally starting to move forward. This could have massive implications for all the other streamers on Twitch if Dr Disrespect wins in the end. It might force Twitch to be more careful of how they handle their bans and to be more transparent about the reasons for doing so.

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