Dr. K: TI10 Invite Handed to Iconic Gaming Psychiatrist

Published: Sep 29, 2021 - Last Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We’re just weeks away from the most valuable competition in esports – The International 10. This tournament takes place over the course of ten days and boasts a $40 million prize pool, with more than half of the final pot going to the ultimate victor. In Dota 2’s esports landscape, there is no competition that comes close to this, and it features the world’s finest Dota 2 players.

However, the talent present in and around The International 10 doesn’t end with those playing in the tournament. There’s a top-tier production team that ensures the event and team management, broadcasts, and esports betting opportunities go off without a hitch. Behind the best Dota 2 players in the world sits a management and support structure of dozens of people.

And that circle just got a little bigger, and a whole lot more iconic.

Enter Dr. K, World-Famous Psychiatrist

Image Credit: YouTube (Healthy Gamer)

Dr. Alok Kanojia, otherwise known as Dr. K, is a world-renowned gaming psychiatrist. For years, he’s been the driving force behind Healthy Gamer, a platform designed to ‘help the internet generation succeed’. It bears a clear and tangible focus on mental health support, and promotes ‘peace and purpose through content, community, and coaching’. Through his work, Dr. K seeks to address the most toxic gaming communities out there.

In a statement posted on Twitter (by video), Dr. K explained that he has been a hardcore fan of Dota for more than a decade. There’s a general buzz about the Dota 2 space, as reportedly, Valve has invited Dr. K to join the TI10. While he didn’t specifically mention the TI10 name, it’s widely assumed that he was referring to this competition when he explained how he was feeling:

“It’s crazy, it’s one of the most unique and amazing opportunities I’ve had in my life.”

He then went on to detail the fact that he’s way older than the average competitor, and recognises that this event is easily the biggest of its kind in esports today. And then, he went on to explain:

“It feels unreal. What I’m about to do is almost impossible, or arguably has been impossible for someone like me – a boomer. Going and participating in some way, having some hand in the outcome of an esports tournament, is unheard of. It’s great and I’m super hyped.”

So, it’s obvious that Dr. K isn’t going to be a competitor in the TI10 – that much is clear. But, in his capacity as a gaming psychiatrist – and an incredibly popular one at that – he could be taking on a support role with one of the competition’s top teams.

This now opens up another question: where does a gaming psychiatrist fit into the world’s most valuable Dota 2 competition?

Peace Through Content, Community, And Coaching

Dr. K works to reduce the impact of esports and gaming on the minds of young adults all around the world. His focus is on promoting a positive playing environment, reducing the stress and negative effects of gaming on relatively developing minds.

There’s no big secret surrounding the fact that an esports tournament is ripe with trash talking, stressful environments, and strenuous circumstances. In fact, the reigning TI10 champions, OG, infamously sauntered to victory in the 2019 event with the use of next-level trolling tactics.

They’re notorious for getting in the minds of their opponents, pushing the stress up as high as possible. Therefore, it stands to reason that Dr. K could be appearing as a counter-acting measure to that kind of behaviour.

We’ll find out more as the competition comes closer. This is now the time to start studying the event and learning about The International betting opportunities that sit on the horizon.


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