DraftKings Downloads Engineering Chief to New Dublin Base

Published: Feb 20, 2020

As part of a recent DraftKings review, the top brass at the famous fantasy sports-based giant both agreed that they needed a strong presence in their new office in the Irish capital of Dublin. To that end, the formerly Boston-based head of engineering, Dan Kesack, has relocated from his former base to the new facility.

DraftKings’ Dublin base was established just a few months ago in November 2019 and was developed with a view towards working closely with a rich source of untapped engineering talent located in and around the Irish capital.

Mr Kesack will make the move with the purpose of expanding the DraftKing team of engineers based at the site, a process which has already begin with three former US employees making the same move a few weeks ago.

Recruitment Drive

Along with Mr Kesack, this trio of employees will lead a recruitment drive in the area to pinpoint outstanding engineering talent in this part of the world, and once recruited, the team will then help get the new employees acclimated to how they work at DraftKings.

So far, the recruitment process has been a success. A total of four locally-sourced engineers have been appointed to work at the company’s St. Stephens Green offices and currently, there are advertisements running on the website for a further 10 additional roles to be filled over the coming weeks and months.

Jack Murphy, who formerly worked with B2B travel site Travelport, is leading the Dublin office after he joined up with the team prior to the opening of the Dublin base in October 2019.

“Passion for Sports and Technology”

Speaking about his relocation from the US to the verdant shores of Ireland, Mr Kesack stated:

“I jumped at the opportunity to bootstrap the engineering teams and help instil the same passion for sports and technology that has made DraftKings Boston such an incredible place to work.”

Mr Kesack has been employed by DraftKings in the United States since 2015, when he began in Boston as a senior software engineer.

London Purchase

It is not the first time in recent months that DraftKings have been looking to do business on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Last year, the company bought out the London-based company SB Tech, a betting supply service, in a deal which included an agreement with acquisitions company Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp.

It promises to be a busy time for the Fantasy Sports, Sports Betting and Esports betting service, with a number of new deals and expansions, including a recently announced new mobile sports betting service for Iowa. In addition, the company is going to be busy with work on the latest fantasy LCS and LEC games, which have proven popular with a number of players keen on the burgeoning esports fantasy sports industry.

This is on top of the news that DraftKings will be working with the famous NBA Basketball team the Boston Celtics as their official daily fantasy sports partner.

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