DraftKings embraces eNASCAR fantasy with $300K in prizes

Published: Apr 4, 2020 - Last Updated: Jul 29, 2020

DraftKings has just announced a full-fledged eNASCAR DFS in their contest lineup. The first race featured on the newly established DraftKings eNASCAR DFS will be at the Virtual Bristol Motor Speedway in just a bit more than 24 hours.

While already featuring NASCASR Fantasy Sports, the newfound addiction to virtual racing has prompted DK to accept this new competitive format. The eNASCAR series has already seen media attention after the Texas Motor Speedway race garnered 1.3 million views on FOX and FS1.  That race was won by Timmy Hill, who is currently available for lineup selection at DraftKings at $10,700. The upcoming race will be broadcast on the Fox Sports App, FOX, and FS1.

Draftkings Contest Rules

Each participant in the eNascar $300K Sim Rig Special will build a 6 racer salaried lineup from a $50,000 salary cap. The Player Pool is available on the contest page with information and an assigned salary.

The scoring system has 3 basic categories, and points based on final placement. The racer finishing 1st gets 46 points and 40th gets 4 points, all other placements get points inside that margin based on placement.

Place Differential +/- 1 Pt
Fastest Laps +0.5 Pts
Laps Led +0.25 Pts

The Fastest Lap and Laps Led categories are self-explanatory. Place Differential, however, gets awarded based on the initial starting and finishing position of a racer. Theoretically, if you are good enough to select a racer starting the race at a 30th starting position who makes it 15-20 positions lower in the end, you are expected to earn at least those advancement points on top his final finishing place.

Additional rules apply for Canceled, Postponed, Rescheduled or Suspended races. Do check with the official DraftKings contest page for further information.

Picking your DraftKings eNASCAR lineup

Assuming you are new to Fantasy Spots or new to NASCAR Fantasy Sports or eNASCAR, we got you covered. To participate in the new DraftKings eNASCAR competition, all you need to do is sign-up and select your six drivers within the $50,000 salary cap.

The pool of potential drivers to select varies from experienced to completely inexperienced participants. Do keep in mind that this isn’t your usual NASCAR race. High priced drivers in real races might net you negative returns, while cheap guys can perform extremely well on a Sunday Race.

With this in mind, we also have our picks on the top names you should consider on your slate. Do keep in mind, we are no experts and our lineup might get beaten by yours easily. Our selection goes as follows: Tyler Reddick ($5,600), Denny Hamlin ($9,300), Alex Bowman ($9,600), Erik Jones ($8,100), Ty Dillon ($6,600), Timmy Hill ($10,700).

As per rules, 50-lap heats will determine the field and starting positions for Sunday’s 150-lap race. Your select lineup will be locked at 1PM ET on Sunday. DFS is only for Sunday’s race, so make sure you adjust your lineups accordingly once qualifying is done. We mentioned our picks above, do keep in mind we hope some of our picks to place low in the field so we can get advancement points. If this is not the case we might just adjust our lineup before the lock.

We also mentioned Timmy Hill at the start, and he is also in our eNASCAR fantasy line-up. He performed “consistently” well in both previous races. It is our protector pick which is guaranteed to net us some solid placement points.

In the end, we wish you good luck and see you at the virtual racecourse.

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