Draftkings Playbook to make the most inspired LoL LCS picks

Posted on January 29, 2020 - Last Updated on July 22, 2023

Fantasy esports is a big thing nowadays, mirroring the meteoric rise of traditional esports betting. You won’t find LCS odds when browsing Draftkings, but you will be surely impressed by the excellent Fantasy LCS options.

Just like the multiplayer online battle arena game itself, fantasy esports rely on skill, research and experience, rather than luck. In order to give yourself the best chance possible, check out this Draftkings Playbook to make the most inspired LoL LCS picks.

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Turning Esports Experience into Daily Fantasy LoL

Veteran and casual players, as well as those who watch the North American LCS will have a clear advantage over absolute beginners. The good news is that the latter stand a chance by following the tips and hints included in this Draftkings Playbook.

The daily fantasy platform has players compete against each other in major tournaments, as well as head-to-head matchups. League of Legends fantasy points are scored based on the real-life performance of professional players hence the importance of LoL LCS picks.

Daily fantasy esports are fast-paced, compared to the season-long tournaments, therefore keep players at the edge of their seats.

Read the Draftkings review to learn about the rules governing these competitions and how to sign up for an account. Fantasy League of Legends can be enjoyed for free, as well as real money and this is where the Draftkings Playbook for LCS comes in handy. Participants need to make the most of a limited bankroll so they must spend virtual dollars intelligently on the best LoL LCS picks.

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How are points scored in League of Legends Fantasy

The winner of this immensely popular MOBA game is the team that destroys the enemy Nexus. En route to this ambitious objective, it destroys towers, kills dragons, barons and obviously, other players. For each of these in-game objectives, as well as the kills and assists, fantasy players score points.

In this Draftkings Playbook we explain the importance of building a balanced team that can maximize the number of points. Winning the game delivers the biggest payout, but these points are just as meaningful in the long run.

Draftkings Playbook for LCS highlights the importance of dividing the $50,000 DraftKings salary cap intelligently.

A team is made of Top, Jungle, Mid, AD Carry and Support players, as well as two flexible positions. Each of these LoL LCS picks matter, because points are scored when kills and assists are recorded and they are lost when one of your players dies.

Another challenge specific to fantasy esports is choosing a team, among one of the many LCS franchises competing this season.

League of Legends Fantasy DFS

Draftkings Playbook for the ultimate LCS Draft

The limited resources available must be spent wisely and investing heavily in star players can backfire badly. One of the tips in the Draftkings Playbook for LCS is to search for undervalued players that have the potential of scoring fantasy points.

In League of Legends, the tank and support champions frequently sacrifice their lives for the team, to help them win the match. While this is a valiant effort, it is also one of the biggest mistakes in the Draftkings Playbook because each death suffered leads to lost points.

In order to build a competitive lineup, you need to decide which of the contests available at DraftKings meet your expectations.

The Draftkings Playbook advice for head-to-head contests is to focus on players that are reliable, rather than immensely talented but unpredictable superstars. By doing so, even if their team loses, you will pick up the valuable points; as long as you didn’t choose that particular Team for your fantasy esports quest, you won’t suffer any loss.

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The strategy for tournaments is different, as detailed in the Draftkings Playbook for LCS it is not wrong to take greater risks.

Hyper aggressive teams that are known for scoring a lot of kills and assists will pay off lavishly, even if they suffer many casualties.

League of Legends games usually conclude after half an hour, but those that go the distance at the most profitable for fantasy esports. Changes can be made to your roster throughout the season and there’s nothing wrong in accepting the stakes and making amends.

Research goes a long way in fantasy esports and Draftkings provides easy access to useful information. The fantasy platform has player cards that are clickable and reveal the recent performances of key players. In conjunction with the tips from the Draftkings Playbook this should help you make an informed decision when creating a balanced roster. As fantasy LoL gains further traction, other major-leagues like the LCK, LPL, and LEC will become available for season-long tournaments and daily fantasy plays.

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