DraftKings Q3 Earnings Report Reveals 136% Revenue Growth

Posted on November 4, 2022 - Last Updated on November 11, 2022

DraftKings Inc. recently published the content discussed in its Q3 2022 earnings presentation. It was revealed that the firm has enjoyed a positive quarter, and that year-on-year, considerable growth has been recorded. At the top of the table sat a figure that confirmed a 136% growth in revenue, year-on-year, with $502 million in revenue being counted through the third quarter of 2022.

It was highlighted that this growth had come following ‘healthy customer engagement and retention, favourable sports outcomes, and reduced promotional intensity’. As DraftKings becomes an increasingly important player in the space, the offerings from within the firm are expanding. This notion was explored throughout the presentation, with DraftKings’ leadership highlighting areas of growth in the last quarter.

DraftKings Continues to Expand

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Last year, DraftKings attempted to flex its powerful position by acquiring Entain, a UK-based betting company. It was a deal that would have been worth some $22 billion, but ultimately, the proposal fell through very late in the acquisition process. Reportedly, DraftKings was unwilling to meet certain demands laid out by Entain, but Entain also expressed discomfort toward the terms of the offer.

Since then, DraftKings has worked on expanding its platform, particularly into the newly-opening sports betting markets popping up across the United States. In recent weeks, DraftKings has secured licensure in Ohio, Maryland, Tennessee, and a slew of other states. It has also petitioned for licensure in the state of Massachusetts and has been instrumental in attempting to open the Californian doors to sports betting practices.

In the Q3 earnings report, DraftKings revealed that the continuous addition of content and enhancements of OSB product functionality has paid off considerably well. There’s a ‘strong pipeline’ of prospective launches in jurisdictions that have legalised OSB, and once these markets have opened up, DraftKings’ growth will only continue to expand. It was confirmed by the firm that the company is ‘well-position to achieve projected positive adjusted EBITDA with existing capital resources’.

And of those capital resources, approximately $1.4 billion is held in cash, according to the balance sheet.

Looking to the Future

This is the third quarter that DraftKings has exceeded its revenue and earnings estimates. It’s performing well on the stock market, and it continues to make waves in various verticals. For instance, DraftKings is currently one year into a partnership with FaZe Clan, one of the most capable esports organisations on the planet. While DraftKings isn’t one of the best esports betting sites out there, it is a prolific company that enjoys the visibility brought on by the FaZe Clan partnership.

There’s plenty in store for DraftKings, particularly as the United States continues to build up a massively lucrative sports betting market. This is a firm at the forefront of the industry, and as time goes on, things are only expected to get better.

If you’d like to learn more about the firm, consider checking out our in-depth DraftKings review.

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