DreamHack Tour Returns In 2022

Posted on December 13, 2021

It has been quite rough lately with all the events limited to online participation while some of them were completely canceled, but those things are finally about to change back to the good old days.

DreamHack Tour is one of the most popular gaming events, and it is making a comeback in 2022, which definitely makes all the gamers rejoice for the upcoming year.

What can you expect from DreamHack?

Everyone who is into gaming at least a little bit has probably heard about DreamHack, as this event has been around since 1994. What started out as just a couple of friends gathering in their school cafeteria quickly turned into something that became a hit all over the world, which is exactly what the goal of DreamHack is in 2022.

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The DreamHack World Tour 2022 is certainly going to be one of the biggest things in gaming the year is going to offer, and you should not feel bad about getting excited about it. Over 2022, DreamHack will host 10 festivals in 9 major cities, covering some of the most important tournaments in gaming.

Anaheim, CA, USA; Dallas, TX, USA; Valencia, Spain; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Hyderabad, India; and Atlanta, Georgia, USA; and DreamHack Summer and Winter in Jönköping, Sweden, as well as Melbourne in Australia and Madrid in Spain are all the places where you will be able to attend this astonishing event and express your gaming passion.

Highlights To Look Forward To During DreamHack World Tour 2022

Spectating intense tournaments online is certainly fun, but everyone knows that things are way different when you can spectate them live within a crowd, where that exciting energy can be felt. The DreamHack World Tour Schedule is quite exciting, and it is going to feature some of the most popular games.

Over the years, the DreamHack Tour is known to be the home for a couple of huge CS:GO tournaments, which is why it is quite exciting to know that you will be able to watch Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL Challenger, and ESL Pro League Conference CSGO Tournaments in 2022 at various locations throughout the year.

If you happen to be a fan of League of Legends, the League of Legends Circuit Oceania Finals are also going to be hosted in Melbourne. Halo: HCS is getting quite a lot of popularity in the gaming community, which is completely understandable due to the spectacular entertainment it provides. That is why we highly suggest you check out Halo: HCS Regional EU or HCS Regional ANZ at the DreamHack Tour.

Last but not least is the Fighting Games Championship that will be featured in Atlanta as a part of the DreamHack World Tour Schedule. While it is not on the same scale as EVO, you will not regret checking this event out if you happen to be a fan of various fighting games. Gaming did not suffer too much during the recent hard times, we believe everyone is eager to relive epic moments at live events, and the DreamHack Tour is a great way to do so.

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