Duelbits And Pain Gaming Agree Sponsorship Deal

Published: Sep 1, 2022 - Last Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Latin American esports giants paiN Gaming have secured a new sponsorship deal with the multinational betting service Duelbits who will sponsor the Brazilian-based esports team.

Having newly arrived on the betting scene in Brazil, Duelbits are seeking to establish a firm presence in the country and across the Latin American demographic and this deal will facilitate that, as well as handing the esports organisation an additional blue-ribbon sponsor.

Image Credits | Pain Gaming

“Best Partner”

Speaking about the deal, the Marketing Executive at Duelbits, Marco Pinnisi commented:

“paiN Gaming, as one of the largest eSports organization in Latin America, is the best partner we can have to give visibility to our presence in Brazil.”

And similarly, the CEO of paiN Gaming, Thomas Hamence, was excited at the new partnership deal and how it has the potential to enhance not just his team’s visibility in Brazil, but also help develop the esports industry within the country.

“In addition to supporting our professional teams, the revelation of new talent is in line with one of the most fundamental premises of our organization: fostering the professional growth of esports in Brazil.”

The deal will see the company have the Duelbits logo incorporated into the CS:GO and Free Fire Emulator team’s uniforms and Duelbits will also be heavily involved in the creation of the new Counter-Strike Academy too.

Counter-Strike Academy & Uptake Of Crypto

The first few players in the Counter-Strike Academy have been announced as:

  1. Kayke ‘kye’ Bertolucci
  2. Cassio ‘cass1n’ Santos
  3. Guilherme ‘happ’ Bento
  4. Matheus ‘mlhz1n’ Marcola
  5. Daniel “DebornY’ Dias

The coach that will be responsible for the development of the youngsters towards becoming esports professionals is Emanuel ‘grayz1n’ Andrade.

Image Credits | Duelbits

Marco Pinnisi spoke positively about Duelbits involvement with the academy, stating:

“We are happy to be able to accelerating the process of these boys becoming professional players.”

Pinnisi was also bullish about how exposure in the Brazilian market could benefit Duelbits in the future, particularly in the cryptocurrency market.

“We know that Brazilians believe in new technologies and cryptocurrencies,” stated Pinnisi

“A recent survey by Sherlock Communications shows that 48% of Brazilians think the country should adopt bitcoin. We share the same vision and want to facilitate betting in Brazil, generating the best betting experience using cryptocurrencies.”

And certainly, Duelbits is aiming on a long-term strategy within Brazil as Pinnisi pointed out.

“Esports exploded in 2020 due to the lack of traditional events and has become an incredible safety net for many companies.”

“However, the numbers show that esports is here to stay and we strongly believe that it will continue to grow.”

“This is the reason why Duelbits is offering one of the most accessible products to this audience, with the biggest offers and events available to its users.”

Duelbits will work exclusively with the paiN Gaming CS:GO and Free Fire teams due to restrictions on League of Legends betting in the country.

paiN Gaming are probably best known for their LoL team, who have been competing in the Brazilian LoL Championship in Sao Paulo.

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