Dunkin’ Makes The Sweet Decision To Sponsor Twitch Rivals

Posted on February 26, 2021 - Last Updated on July 10, 2023

Because if there’s one thing gamers need, it’s another connection to the image that they’re all overweight, unhealthy nerds.

We joke – that’s an old stereotype that is being smashed to pieces with every day that passes, right? I mean, look at some of these modern-day esports competitors – they train harder than some Olympic athletes.

Dunkin’, the brand that America Runs On™ has decided to step into the gaming limelight by sponsoring the North America region of Twitch Rivals. It has ascended from its role of powering forward the American populace with delicious doughnuts and beautiful beverages to quite literally ‘fuelling’ the competitors playing with the Twitch Rivals tournaments. Dunkin’ was just all too proud when it took to Twitter to outline the gameplan:

Of course, this is far from being the first instance upon which a food and beverage provider has partnered with or sponsored a gaming organisation, tournament, or platform. For instance, there’s the avid sponsorship behind the Call of Duty League, primarily led by Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel, which is everywhere, as far as the League is concerned.

In the past, we’ve seen brands such as Wendy’s, Hershey’s, and McDonald’s reach out to sponsor esports events and competitors, all too happy to expand their marketing coverage to attract those young and impressionable fanbases. At one point, even Kellogg, the legendary breakfast cereal manufacturer got involved in the industry, putting out an Overwatch-themed cereal called Lucio-Ohs.

Remember? I know, you’d rather forget, right?

In a statement regarding the decision, the Head of Global Sponsorship Sales for Twitch, Lou Garate, said:

Dunkin’ fuels the energetic communities on Twitch, making them a stellar match to keep our Twitch Rivals events fresh and unique. Together, we’ve established Dunkin’s presence within the gaming community and developed new, interactive experiences to enable our viewers and streamers to run on Dunkin’.

Twitch Rivals was already an extremely popular event before Dunkin’ came rolling around (doughnut, circular, roll, get it?), with the biggest and brightest streamers embarking on a head-to-head journey across several huge titles. It’s a remarkably lengthy event, lasting some two hundred days, but it’s packed with more than one hundred individual events – there isn’t anything like it in the gaming world.

Twitch Rivals
Image Credits | Twitch

As the Twitch Rivals event unravels, you’ll see competitors face-off on Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Rocket League, Fall Guys, Minecraft, and many, many more titles. But what makes the Twitch Rivals event so popular is that almost anybody can participate. The entry requirements are an account that is at either the affiliate or partner-level and in good standing – so you might not be able to compete if you’ve got strikes against your account.

Ultimately, you just need to be able to stream your gameplay and join a Discord channel to be eligible for prizes. It’s as easy as that, and you can now do it while earning some amazing Dunkin’ treats and offers. Alternatively, if you flip it around, you can earn prizes on the other side, simply by walking into Dunkin’ (or driving-thru) and buying something.

The biggest and most interactive part of this Dunkin’ x Twitch Rivals partnership is the Dunkin’ Challenge, which permits fans to make predictions for the results of Twitch Rivals matches. If their predictions are correct, they could walk away with prizes that range from gift cards all the way up to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

It’s time to… Start Dunkin’?

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