Headlines Of Legends: EU Finals Off To Poland, Elo Boosting Brings Down Players, And More

Published: Jul 12, 2016 - Last Updated: Sep 3, 2021

[toc]The Beast has awakened. The EU Summer Finals is headed to Kraków, Poland in 2016. We’re here with all the details about this and other news making headlines in the League of Legends universe.

2016 League of Legends EU LCS Summer Finals headed to Kraków


The TAURON Arena Kraków is an indoor sporting arena. It hosts a variety of sports events, including badminton, boxing, curling, acrobatic and artistic gymnastics, indoor football, hockey, basketball, track and field, figure skating, volleyball, handball, martial arts, extreme sports, tennis, table tennis, equestrian competitions, and sports dancing competitions.

Seating capacity

The TAURON Arena Kraków can comfortably seat nearly 15,328 people.


Aug. 27 (3rd place vs. 4th place) at ~11  a.m. EDT
Aug. 28 (1st place vs. 2nd place) at ~11 a.m. EDT

The EU Summer Finals will begin before the NA Summer Finals (both will take place on the same day).



The top four teams from the EU LCS Summer Playoffs will partake in this event.


Ticket are already on sale! You can pickup your tickets from Ticketmaster.

Tickets cost € 21 (~$24 USD). Collector tickets can also be purchased for an additional € 5.40 (~$6 USD). Tickets are non-refundable, with a maximum of six tickets per order.

There will be assigned seats, so make sure you buy tickets together with your friends to make sure you’re seated next to each other.

Current Standings

These are the current standings in the EU LCS:

The team that accrues the most points at the end of the split will automatically qualify alongside the winner of the EU LCS Summer Finals. The final spot for Worlds will be determined at the EU Regional Qualifiers back in Berlin on Sept. 3-5.

Shook returns to Team Vitality

That’s right, Shook is back, Vitality fans! After a disappointing Spring Split Playoffs that ended with a defeat to Fnatic, Team Vitality looked to make roster upgrades. One of those upgrades was bringing in Korean jungler Mightybear to replace Shook.

That change hasn’t exactly worked in Team Vitality’s favor.

There’s no questioning Mightybear’s raw talent. But that’s just it – Mightybear is currently an unshaped player. It was a gamble Vitality was willing to make, but it’s become obvious that it isn’t working out.

In an official statement on Team Vitality’s website, the team has officially announced a change:

After four weeks of competition however, it must be concluded that the results are not meeting the expectations. Even though Mightybear’s individual talent has been proven, as he demonstrated on the European ladder, his adaptation within the collective is trickier. Therefore, after careful consideration, the decision to make a change in the jungle has been taken.

In the meantime, Mightybear will stay in the Gaming House and under contract as a substitute player. Vitality still believes in his potential and intend to help him to improve on different aspects of his game.

Three more players temporarily banned for elo boosting

Elo Boosting has been a huge issue in League of Legends for years now, and Riot has started cracking down on professional players who participate in this act. An initial sweep was done on June 10 to check for account sharing and Elo Boosting. Another sweep was performed on June 16, resulting in additional account bans.

Those two sweeps found that John “Papa Chau” Le, Michael “k3soju” Zhang, and Josh “Impactful” Mabrey had violated by boosting. Riot stated that Papa Chau and k3soju both boosted for a brief period of time, and that Impactful had boosted for a significant amount of time.

Elo Boosting is the practice of assuming control of another player’s account to raise their ranked que rating in exchange for monetary gain (if no monetary gain is exchanged, the fraction is considered account sharing and has a lesser penalty).

Elo Boosting carries a suspension of three to 20 competitive months of League of Legends. Papa Chau and k3soju will be penalized with the minimum suspension of three competitive months. Impactful will be suspended for four competitive months.

Papa Chau and k3soju were suspended on June 10. They will each be up for review on Sept. 10. Impactful was suspended on June 16. He will be up for review on Oct. 16.

Friday Night League gets extended into Saturday Morning

Week Five of the NA LCS featured an exciting, and quite long, evening of League of Legends.

The first game between Cloud9 and Team Liquid went for 44 minutes, resulting in a Cloud9 win. It was the second game of the series that became particularly interesting.

Let’s set the stage. Team Liquid is up 8-2, with advantages all over the map. Cloud9 is looking to get back in the game by performing a four-man dive in the top lane.

As William “Meteos” Hartman is unburrowing with Rek’Sai on Sam “Lourlo” Jackson’s Trundle, an unexpected thing happened. The never-ending knock-up bug struck again, forcing Lourlo’s Trundle to skyrocket into the air.

That’s where things became especially comical for the announcers. As Lourlo was descending (and untargetable), he was able to attack Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi, resulting in his death from above.

As a result of this bug, and after much deliberation, Cloud9 was given the option to remake the game, which they accepted. Essentially a 20-minute game had to be cancelled.

To add even more humor to the situation, Cloud9’s Sneaky is notorious for finding bugs in League of Legends on his live streams.

The series would then extend to three games after TL won the remake. That was followed by a best of three series between Echo Fox and Team Envy that also went the entire three games.

In the end, League of Legends was streaming well past 3 a.m. on the East Coast, an unusual sight for sure.

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