VCT EMEA Challengers 2: Week 3 Recap

Published: Jun 1, 2022

The situation is heating up in the VCT EMEA region, where two squads have come out on top in the VCT Challengers 2 Group Stage.

Fnatic, following their last victory against Acend, have secured the top spot in group A and are almost guaranteed a pass into the Playoffs. Similarly, Guild Esports have also secured a foothold at the number one spot in group B, after beating Team Liquid in the opening match of week 3.

M3 Champions and FunPlus Phoenix have both found great success in week 3 and managed to bounce back from the losses they experienced in the first week. The two teams now find themselves occupying the second spot in their respective groups and have drastically increased their Valorant odds in this tournament.

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Week 3 Highlights

Guild Esports and Fnatic are currently the best two teams in this esports tournament. Not only have they managed to score 3 consecutive victories so far, but they’ve both managed to eliminate some of the biggest threats in the group stage, too.

Fnatic beat FunPlus Phoenix and Acend, the two biggest threats in group A. They’re pretty much in the Playoffs already, unless something goes terribly wrong in the last two weeks, which is highly unlikely. Their next target is FOKUS, who are currently at the bottom of group A with 3 losses, so that should be an easy win for Fnatic.

Guild Esports have also defeated some big names in group B. M3 Champions and Team Liquid both fell before them. The only two teams left for Guild Esports are the Turkish squad BBL Esports and Natus Vincere, both of which have been struggling in this tournament.

We expect similar results in both cases, Fnatic and Guild Esports, and expect both teams to ride a perfect 5 – 0 wave through the group stage and ensure a one round bye into the Playoffs.

The Fight For Survival

BIG and FOKUS have lost all their matches and there’s barely any hope they’ll be able to recover. They’ll be the first teams to go home. However, there will be a fierce battle for the third spot during the next two weeks.

Acend, who are currently sitting in the third place in group A, will have a difficult task before them. They have to beat G2 Esports, who are right below them in the fourth spot, and also FunPlus Phoenix, who are sitting one spot above them in the second place. This will be an impossible mission that will certainly result in heavy casualties on all sides.

M3 Champions, Team Liquid, and Natus Vincere will most likely fight for the second and third spot in group B. M3 Champions have the highest chance of finishing second as they are fighting BIG next week, which is a safe Valorant bet.

Team Liquid has to survive Natus Vincere in week 4 and then M3 Champions in week 5. If they somehow pull it off, they could see themselves reaching the Playoffs.

In any case, these next few weeks will have some of the best matches in this Valorant Champions Tour event, so make free up your schedule and make sure not to miss them!

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