Emerging Regions on the Main LoL Worlds Stage

Posted on October 8, 2019 - Last Updated on October 27, 2022

The League of Legends Play-In Stage of the Worlds has once again pit teams from the top championships against opponents from emerging regions. In previous years, the former have prevailed and so far we have Damwon Gaming and Clutch Gaming advancing to the group stage. According to the LoL Worlds odds, Splyce are likely to join them as the third team from Europe, as they play against the Unicorns of Love. Hong Kong Attitude and Isurus fight for the last spot, as they represent Hong Kong and Latin America.

Hong Kong Attitude Takes on Latin America’s Finest

The Taiwan – Hong Kong region is the strongest of the emerging regions, but still well behind South Korea, China and Europe. Hong Kong Attitude have finished third in this championship and that’s why they had to go through the League of Legends Play-In Stage. They have won Group C and are now favourites against Isurus Gaming, as reflected by the odds of 2/5 offered by Rivalry.

If you intend to bet on LoL Worlds, you should consider the option of betting on a narrow 3-2 win for Hong Kong Attitude.

The Hong Kong team has won three consecutive matches after suffering an early defeat at the hands of Lowkey Esports. Isurus were only able to defeat Detonation FocusMe and have dropped both games against the superior Splyce. This raises serious concerns regarding their ability to prevail in a best-of-five series against an experienced team such as HKA. The Latin America region has grown significantly over the last couple of years, but even so Isurus Gaming only get odds of 2/1 to cause an upset.


Unicorns of Love Keep the Hopes of CIS Fans Alive at Worlds

Splyce dropped a single match during the group stage, when they were already 2-0 and qualified for the knockout round. By finishing first, they have secured an easier League of Legends Worlds schedule, as they will play against the team in second place. Unicorns of Love represent the CIS countries, one of the most promising of all the emerging regions. This team has already caused a huge upset by winning back-to-back games against Clutch Gaming in the group stage, by playing aggressively right from the start.

Unicorns of Love are still huge underdogs against Splyce, with odds of 7/2 at ArcaneBet.

They should be able to avoid a sweep and if they take the opening match, they could even push the series to a decisive game. Lack of experience at this level, as well as the sheer strength of Splyce’s late game explains why the bookmaker only offers odds of 1/5 on the Europeans. This is a veteran team that has caused plenty of troubles to G2 Esports and Fnatic and they should be able to advance at the expense of Unicorns of Love.

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