ESIC And PandaScore Partner Up To Combat Esports Betting Fraud

Published: May 19, 2021 - Last Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has announced that it has signed another data partnership deal, this time with PandaScore.

PandaScore joins a number of other data partners that have joined forces with ESIC to help the commission monitor betting market behaviour, as well as giving them access to additional data that will allow ESIC to gain more of an understanding of betting patterns and of course, tracking potential fraudulent esports betting.

The news is great news for the myriad of esports gambling fans who want to ensure that they are engaging in safe betting, on sites that have committed to stopping fraudulent betting and activity within esports.

Who are PandaScore?

PandaScore was founded back in 2015 and it is an Artificial Intelligence-powered hub for a vast array of esports data. That data is used and analysed to help provide esports odds across the esports betting industry.

The AI-drive network is one of the foremost tools used in the esports betting industry to allow sites to get the most accurate esports betting odds and data. The depth of the data provided by PandaSports means that providers can offer markets on a greater variety of esports markets with a particular focus on In-Play esports bets in particular.

The company has offices in the United Kingdom, Malta, and France and has its own partnerships with the likes of Entain Australkiam Betcrusm CSGO500 and

With ESIC committed to ensuring that they can monitor risk for the industry, as well as tracking fraudulent activity, this is another big positive for the monitoring service.

“Step Towards More Effective Administration”

Speaking about the partnership, Stephen Hanna, the Global Strategy and Partnership Director at ESIC remarked:

“We are excited to further expand ESIC’s growing network of official data partners with the entrance of PandaScore as ESIC’s latest Official Data Partner. Reliable data is at the centre of ESIC’s ability to effectively administer its Integrity Programme. Partnering with reliable data providers that possess an integrity mindset, like PandaScore, is a step towards more effective administration of a global integrity framework.”

The CEO of PandaScore, Flavien Guillocheau, was equally excited by the partnership announcement as he commented:

“Partnering with ESIC is a milestone moment for PandaScore, solely driven by our commitment to combat match-fixing and uphold our industry’s integrity to the highest standards. Through the power of high-quality data, we hope to be a key contributor to the successful implementation of ESIC’s Global Integrity Framework, ensuring the sustainable growth of our burgeoning esports industry.”

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What does this mean for Esports Betting Enthusiasts?

Any time a big company, especially one in the key area of provision of esports data, especially for esports betting, signs up with ESIC, then it is a positive day for all esports enthusiasts.

Anything that can improve the quality of data that ESIC receives will enable them to be able to better track as many different types of fraudulent betting activities across the industry. That in turn increases confidence that fraud of any kind will continue to be combatted and minimized.

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