ESL Seeks To Improve Fan Experience With Expanded Bayes Esports Partnership

Posted on March 16, 2021 - Last Updated on January 19, 2023

ESL Gaming have agreed to expand its current partnership with Esports data firm Bayes Esports to cover a wider range of esports titles.

The current deal, which covered titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, is being expanded to cover more games that are part of the ESL framework. Not only that, but the amount of data that is being used by the company will increase, which will allow for a wider range of applications of the data.

Why Have ESL Expanded On The Bayes Esports Partnership?

Given that ESL has already started using the CARP parser that was developed by Bayes Esports last year, which allows data sets to be extracted and structured from games, what has prompted the company to expand the deal still further?

Part of the reason has to be to do with the explosion in interest in esports over the last 12 months or so. A Bayes Esports press release stated that with esports viewership doubling in the past year, both on digital channels and linear TV, the onus is on producers to develop and deliver a product that will not only create a positive fan experience but offer them a different level of interactivity with the production.

As data is key to this, Bayes Esports parser technology has been a fundamental aspect in allowing the ESL to deliver on that promise.
The new and improved software will deliver even more data to be utilised including the ability to display video replays live and during the game, the trajectories of objects, the positions of players in real-time. Until the new upgrade, this kind of data was not available until post-match.

Another beneficial aspect of the new data is that it can be utilised not only by companies like ESL seeking to improve the viewer experience, but also by other companies including esports betting companies, media, and companies interested in esports data.

“Drive Esports Forward With High-Quality Technologies”

Speaking about the extension of the agreement, Bernhard Mogk, the SVP of Global Business Development at ESL Gaming stated:

“We are only looking for partners who want to set uniform standards with us and to drive esports forward with high-quality technologies. To increase esports media presence, the media and other data users must get all the information they need as quickly and reliably as possible.”

Martin Dachselt, the CEO of Bayes Esports explained how his company is driving that esports agenda forwards with their products and services.

“We are able to offer an unprecedented depth of data on professional tournaments and games. Based on this, new services and products can be developed that will lead to an ever-better spectator and fan experience in esports.”

To that end, the company has also developed the BEDEX marketplace, which is the first independent esports data marketplace in the world today.

The news is good news for the millions that follow ESL events on live streaming with the likelihood now that the additional coverage from the new deal will see high-quality production and services available to viewers across a wider range of esports and in greater detail than ever before.

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