ESL Gaming And ESPAT Sign Image Licensing Deal

Published: Feb 27, 2022

So far, 2022 seems to be the year of esports deals as we have yet another one taking place. This time it is between ESL gaming with the digital media licensing platform ESPAT. With this deal taking action, ESPAT will become the official photo distribution partner of one of the most significant esports events of the year, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), as well as the ESL Pro League.

What can we expect from ESPAT?

If you ever wanted to see the highlights from an event in terms of photos and videos, there is a high chance that the creators behind it come from ESPAT. With that said, if you are an esports betting enthusiast, you will get to see some of your favorite esports players in those victory poses after a phenomenal play that makes every highlight reel that much better and more hype than anything else.

Image Credits | ESL/ESPAT

The first event that ESPAT is going to cover with capturing photographic moments and licensing them on is the IEM 2022, which begins on Friday, February 25th, and lasts until Sunday, February 27th. If you are looking for some epic esports moments, this is the place you want to check out.

Statement from the ESPAT CEO

Matt Hill, the CEO of ESPAT, shared some words on the partnership with ESL how they are excited to work with one of the preeminent organizations in the world when it comes to gaming and esports. They are proud to be partnered up with ESL, and they look forward to innovating in gaming content creation, which sounds quite exciting.

What can you expect at IEM Katowice 2022?

During his statement, Matt Hill mentioned that they are most excited to enhance their services on the CS: GO community, so if that is your favorite esport, you should check it out as soon as their work is out! But hold up because even if CS: GO is the tournament that has the biggest prize pool of $1,000,000, you can also catch some epic Starcraft 2 action for a prize pool of $500,000. The event is undoubtedly going to be a blast, so make sure to tune in to the livestream if you have a chance!

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