Who Will be the Winner of ESL One Los Angeles 2020?

Published: Mar 4, 2020

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 will be the 3rd Major of the Dota Pro Circuit. Scheduled to take place between March 15th – 22nd, the tournament offers $1 million in prizes and 15,000 qualification points for The International 2020. In total, 15 of the 16 participants are already known and in this article, we will take a close look at the favorites and at the esports betting odds that are available right now for this event.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Participants

ESL One Los Angeles brings together the best teams in the world. These teams come from the six official regions of the DPC.

This is an exceptional collection of world-class competitors. With some exceptions, such as Nigma, PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming, TNC Predator, Team Liquid and Alliance, everyone who should be here is here. So the tournament will be highly disputed. The winner is pretty much guaranteed a spot at The International 2020, as well as $300,000.


ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Favorites

These are the strongest teams that you should keep an eye on at this event.

Team Secret

Team Secret is perhaps the strongest team in the race and the winner of the previous Dota 2 Major. Their lineup is simply exceptional and from what we can tell, MidOne’s replacement with MATUMBAMAN has had zero impact on the overall performance. If anything, it has enhanced it. Secret was dominant during the first two DPC seasons and that’s likely to continue for a few more years.

Going into ESL One Los Angeles 2020, we expect Team Secret to finish in the top 3. There are only a few rivals that could stop them so they’re not very likely to get beaten before they reach that point.

Evil Geniuses

EG has a roster full of superstar players. Their roles within the team are slightly messed up, simply because both RAMZES and Arteezy play the carry role in general. So RAMZES had to switch to offlaner in order for the lineup to function in its current form.


At the first two Majors of the season, EG finished 4th and 2nd respectively, proving that few opponents can stand up to them.

We’ll have to see what they can do at ESL One Los Angeles 2020. In all likelihood, they will finish in the top 4 again.


OG has a new roster. Only Topson and N0tail are still active from the old one that won two TIs in a row. The other three players, Ceb, ana, and JerAx, have either retired or decided to take a break. Their replacements are three world-class competitors: SumaiL, MidOne and Saksa. This lineup looks just as capable as the previous one, so I’m pretty sure OG will get a great result at this Major.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Betting Odds

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