ESL Pro League Accepting Applications For New CS:GO Team Partnership

Posted on March 12, 2021 - Last Updated on October 13, 2021

As the ESL Pro League competitors find their feet in the 13th season of the League, the overarching organisation has decided to launch a bid to entice fresh talent into the fray. This ESL Pro League expansion will see one capable and lucky team pick up 100 Thieves’ spot in the ESL Pro League Season 13 and beyond, following the LA-based team’s departure in 2020.

The ESL Pro League has spent the last year adjusting to the online-only environment that has been forced upon many organisations by the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, the ESL Pro League Season 13 schedule will, for now, be played entirely online. Following an announcement from the EPL Commissioner, Alex Inglot, the League will now welcome another team into that environment.

It’s a relatively simple process that begins with an open application to the League body, which serves as little more than a registration of interest. If the applicants are successful at that stage, then the EPL will reach out to both share and acquire more information from the organisation in question.

However, the EPL has confirmed that the process will be equal parts competitive and thorough, with the current members of the ESL Pro League’s Louvre Agreement voting on the process and monitoring events as they unfold. There’s a seven-phase plan that has been rolled out by the EPL to accommodate this event:

  • Phase One: Initial Application.
  • Phase Two: Invitation Phase, including NDA procedure.
  • Phase Three: Submission Phase, whereupon organisations deliver proposals.
  • Phase Four: Commissioner Review, with Alex Inglot reviewing the spread of proposals.
  • Phase Five: Binding Process, with organisations making binding offers for the open slot/s.
  • Phase Six: Members Meeting Vote, where at the highest level, an executive decision is made.
  • Phase Seven: Execution Phase, the final step that welcomes the organisation into the ESL Pro League competition.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the many organisations that currently play CS:GO, and the successful applicant will receive the opportunity to play with the likes of FaZe, Liquid, Vitality, and G2, among many others. Ultimately, as esports and gaming in general grow exponentially, so too does the ESL Pro League – it started back in 2015, and it has rapidly grown to be a globally-recognised body in the esports vertical.

In the words of Alex Inglot, ESL Pro League Commissioner:

… it has been that successful 12 months that has put us in a position to open this invitation to other organisations: those already in CS:GO and those looking to find the best platform in which to commit to the game. We know we are on the right tracks and we have already seen the fruits of our collaboration. It is time to see who wants to join our project.

There’s a page on the ESL website dedicated to the intake of these applications, and the EPL is actively encouraging all organisations to throw their hat in the ring. If you’re a member or leader of an avid CS:GO organisation, you can submit an application there.

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