ESL Teams Up With Salim Group To Expand Esports In Indonesia

Posted on September 23, 2018 - Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Veteran esports organization ESL has entered a partnership with Indonesian conglomerate Salim Group to grow esports in the nation. Besides working on initiatives to expand competitive gaming, the two will also run the new ESL Indonesia National Championships.

Growing the Indonesian esports scene

The collaboration between ESL and Salim Group, a nearly 50-year-old leisure and entertainment brand, should bring fresh esports ideas and projects to Indonesia.

The National Championship series, one of ESL’s major event brands, are now set for 2019. While it’s not the country’s first esports event, it surely will attract attention due to its status. ESL’s name being attached is always a positive for marketing.

“We are very pleased to have found a strategic partner that is interested in the growth of e-sports in Indonesia,” said ESL Asia Pacific Japan Senior VP Nick Vanzetti. “Salim Group, with its worldwide reputation and strong history in Indonesia, is perfect for what we are targeting to build in this market in the coming years.”

What’s more, ESL recently announced the restructuring of its operations in the region, making sure to have capabilities to take advantage of the positive development.

“Esports in the APJ region is seeing enormous growth, and by aligning our regional offices under this new structure we are positioning ESL to take full advantage of the opportunities that the market offers” said Vanzetti on the development.

ESL’s growing global esports network

ESL has catalyzed the esports industry on a world stage. Not only has the company been strengthening its position in the market, but it’s also making sure competitive gaming is developing in as many regions worldwide as possible.

Chicago, Birmingham, and Belo Horizonte are just a few examples of the global reach the company is building. The German esports organization is also forging partnerships in other areas that could benefit the industry, joining forces with non-endemic entities like the Universal Music Group and various universities.

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