Yahoo Esports And ESL To Partner On Unique Content, New Tournaments

Posted on August 29, 2016 - Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Yahoo joined the esports crowd in March this year, launching a new division dedicated solely to esports.

Now, to deepen its involvement in the competitive gaming industry, the digital media company is entering into a partnership with ESL to broadcast events and create new tournaments.

A new development and partnership in esports

The announcement states that the aim of the two-year partnership is “to bring esports to mainstream audiences via distribution across Yahoo’s properties.” That’s an initiative on which other companies, like ESPN, Blizzard, and TBS, also have their sights set.

Working to develop new tournaments is also part of the collaboration. The new events should be covered and distributed by Yahoo, and include new sponsorship opportunities for advertisers.

Said Zachary John, vice president of Yahoo Video and Esports:

“Our Yahoo Esports team is extremely excited to be partnering with ESL to bring greater coverage of its leading esports events, as well as innovate in new competitive formats and content offerings that we are sure will excite both fans and advertisers alike. Yahoo’s unique storytelling, highly talented editorial staff and global scale are a great combination with ESL’s experience and leadership in the space.”

Companies to work together to build presence in esports

By working together, Yahoo and ESL are putting effort into expanding each other’s positions within the competitive gaming community.

First, distributing Yahoo’s unique content to as many enthusiastic fans as possible will help the company attract new, content-hungry members.

Second, by Yahoo Esports live streaming and covering ESL’s major events, such as the ESL One series and IEM global series, fans will be able to enjoy their favorite games in HD quality, as well as esports commentary.

Yahoo Esports will also enable integrated content sponsorship opportunities for both the competitive gaming coverage and the new upcoming events created by Yahoo and ESL.

“ESL in a unique position to be able to offer access to some of the world’s best esports competitions, and having a partner like Yahoo Esports means we will not only reach a broader audience with a supreme quality broadcast, but also deliver exclusive editorial content for esports fans worldwide,” said Nik Adams, ESL’s senior vice president of sales. “Yahoo Esports is a fantastic partner to team up with for the broadcast and coverage of our key events, and we are looking forward to working with them on new and exciting content for our viewers.”

ESL depends on sponsorships for a large portion of its revenue. By creating big events, companies behind brands will be more willing to invest money as they know they’re addressing a large, engaged audience.

Simultaneously, by streaming its well-established tournaments on Yahoo, both companies benefit from the collaboration.

Yahoo is committed to esports

The launch of Yahoo’s new esports department in March has proven to be a great success. Not only has the company gained exposure to a new and exciting industry, but it has staked in a claim in an industry that grows every day.

By also launching its content platform for iOS and Android earlier this year, and dedicating itself to the new partnership with ESL, Yahoo has shown that it’s in for the long haul with esports. The involvement of well-established companies with esports creates more exposure and further growth possibilities for the vibrant competitive gaming market.

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