Espionage vs Anonymo Analysis and Prediction

Published: Dec 18, 2023

Espionage and Anonymo meet in what is a Danish-Polish matchup in European Pro League 2nd Division Season 8’s second Upper Semi-final.

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Espionage vs Anonymo Match Preview


Despite having some notable names on their roster, such as Phillip “Lucky” Ewald and Mikkel “MistR” Thomsen, both formerly of Astralis, Espionage have not enjoyed a lot of success in their CS2 journey thus far.

The Danes often go out early in most tournaments, even when facing similar level opposition. What also doesn’t help their case is the fact that the core of their team has been together for over six months, which is quite a long time for a tier-two/tier-three roster.

However, this could be the event where they reach their potential and achieve their best result yet. An opening win against PGE Turow is bound to put them in good stead for the rest of the tournament and increase their confidence going forward.


Anonymo are the highest-ranked team in attendance at the European Pro League 2nd Division Season 8, and they are the main candidates to win the whole tournament and walk away with the lion’s share of the $10.000 prize pool.

The bulk of the Poles’ success came in early November, when they won two events back-to-back, the Polish Esport League 2023 Split 4 and the United21 League Season 7.

Additionally, they were also victorious in the previous edition of the event, winning the United21 League Season 6 in October. All in all, Anonymo is one of the strongest teams at this tournament, and they should be aiming for the title.

Espionage vs Anonymo Analysis and Prediction
Image Credits; Pinnacle

Espionage vs Anonymo Odds & Prediction

Pinnacle Esports slightly favour Anonymo to fend off Espionage and continue their European Pro League 2nd Division Season 8 run in the upper bracket. With both teams performing at a similar level, this game is bound to deliver on all fronts.

All odds accessed are accurate at the time of writing and are liable to change.

Hero image credits: Valve

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