Top-Notch Analytics Coming Soon To Esports Betting Thanks To DOJO Madness

Published: Nov 18, 2016 - Last Updated: Jan 20, 2023

[toc]DOJO Madness is a Berlin-based venture whose main business is the creation of tools that help gamers master their play.

The company’s newest product is a new analytics service,, aimed at providing the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community with rich data for game analysis.

It also recently joined forces with a well-known betting tools and data provider, Sportradar, to serve the broader esports community with live  esports betting odds for online and offline tournaments.

Service for improving gameplay

To date, DOJO Madness is best known for its LOLSUMO app. Launched last year, the League of Legends-accompanying app provides analytics for any given matchup.

The app is based on a machine-learning approach. It analyzes data from thousands of matches and compiles it into the most common and successful builds against specific champion lineups.

The product received great feedback with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play from almost 60,000 users.

Now, the company is venturing forth to conquer other games and the wider esports industry.

Better CS:GO analytics with is tailored to the FPS game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Given the steadily-growing competitive esports scene, there is increasing demand for good quality data and statistics.

Providing fast and easily accessible in-game data and statistics should help satisfy this demand. Using the platform, the CS:GO community can now better prepare for its next clashes.

According to DOJO Madness CEO Jens Hilgers:

“Shadow.GG pushes Esports analytics further and enables professional teams and coaches to become much more effective and data driven. Esports should not be lagging behind traditional sports tech.”

Besides featuring a rich database of useful in-game statistics, the platform will provide individually generated 2D tactical replays where teams’ movement tactics can be analyzed in detail.

Additionally, the so-called “heatmaps” show how the team approaches the map.

Two major esports teams testing the product

So far only two teams, Immortals and G2 Esports, have been using the platform’s beta version, and they love it.

Said Immortals CEO Noah Winston:

“Shadow.GG is one of the most important tools in a CS:GO team’s arsenal.

The added scouting efficiency ensures that our players can maximize the time they spend in the server. We look forward to working with the DOJO Madness team to further improve Shadow.GG’s competitive analysis capabilities.”

For now, the service is tailored to CS:GO, but analytics for other games should follow soon.

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DOJO Madness – Sportradar partnership

The German esports company has also recently joined forces with Sportradar, a company known for its Betradar brand.

Betradar is among the biggest suppliers of sports betting data services around the globe. The partnership is aimed at expanding the business to esports, offering esports bookmakers a set of tools to provide live odds across online and offline esports tournaments.

The collaboration is set for an initial term of eight years, during which time DOJO Madness is guaranteed multiple millions of dollars of base payments from the Switzerland-based company.

The new esports product is scheduled to go live in a couple of weeks, and according to the companies, customers are already signed up.

“Betradar doesn’t want to miss the esports portal,” Hilgers said. “We bumped into Betradar and realized that Betradar had trouble to create the algorithms to predict the outcome of esports matches. Betradar found that we had actually done that already.”

Traditional sports betting data dwarfs esports

Because the esports industry is still fairly young, the amount of available data for competitive gaming is nowhere close to traditional sports. The process for providing analytics is also quite different, especially when it comes to live odds.

“Esports games are much more complex than traditional sports,” Hilgers said. “The strategic depths are significantly higher. Modeling that out with people who have never played esports games is complex. You need to aggregate a lot of data in various ways.”

With an existing network of partners, including more than 450 bookmakers in more than 80 countries, Betradar is well-established in the scene.

With the help of DOJO Madness, a company that employs 12 data scientists who are solely focused on esports, real-time predictions for esports will flow into this network, bringing esports betting closer to traditional sports betting.

James Watson, Betradar’s head of esports, shared his thoughts:

“We were always clear that esports live betting provided a great opportunity to invigorate the market, but we weren’t prepared to rush in at the cost of our and our clients’ reputation.

We’re delighted to have been able to partner with industry experts DOJO to create a best-in-class approach, further enhancing the exclusive fast content from our partnership with ESL. We have really created a new and unique framework that will greatly benefit operators.”

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