League Of Legends And Starcraft 2 Championships Just The Start Of This Week’s eSports Betting Action

Published: Aug 17, 2015 - Last Updated: Oct 10, 2022

It is a busy week ahead in the eSports world, with a huge number of games taking place across a wide number of eSports this past weekend, but then this is followed up by a number of key matches midweek.

A lot of focus this week has been on the perfect record of League of Legends European Championship Series team super team Fnatic. Having taken part in 18 matches since the start of the series, the team recently racked up their 18th victory, with many wondering if the team are as close to unbeatable as it gets.

Even when it seemed Fnatic would lose their record, such as in Week 4 when they took on Origen, a team made up almost exclusively of ex-Fnatic players, and suffered a poor start, the team managed to regain its composure and earn enough gold to change the tide of battle and earn a victory.

While many eSports pundits are betting on the day when Fnatic’s record finally goes, there is also plenty of other action to be found this week, particularly in Counter Strike:GO with a busy schedule of matches slated for midweek in the ESL One in Cologne.

The competition sees a $100,000 prize for the top team, with $50,000 for the runners up and third and fourth place to share $22,000.

It’s an exciting tournament with two group stages. One team from four will be eliminated from the first group stage, with another team eliminated from the second group stage, before eight teams progress to the play off phase starting at the quarter finals.

The competition will run over four days from August 20th to the 23rd and there will be plenty of Counter Strike: GO betting available this week as the teams battle it out to earn the $100,000 first prize.

Here’s what you can bet on in eSports this week with each of our seven bookmaking sites that offer this type of betting.


There’s two key games in focus this week at Unikrn betting.

The first is League of Legends, which sees the culmination of the 2015 NA LCS and 2015 EY LCS seasons coming to an end. These parallel tournaments, one in North America, the other in Europe, has seen eight of the best teams battle it out in a league format followed by the playoffs in order to discover which team is the big winner.

In North America, Counter Logic Gaming have reached the final and they are expected to face Team Liquid. Both teams had a 13-5 record in the league format, the best in the competition and arguably, based on league showing, this would be the final between the two strongest teams in the North American bracket.

In the European version, everybody is wondering whether Origen can upset the odds and inflict the first defeat on the all-conquering Fnatic team. Unbeaten since the competition began, Fnatic are huge favourites to win their semi final on Sunday and take their place in the final against the team that ran them closest to defeat in the league stages.

There’s also lots of ESL One action taking place this week in Cologne as the top Counter Strike: GO teams in Europe clash for a share of $250,000 prize pool. Four days of action will decide the winner and you can bet on all the stand out clashes in both the group stages and knockout phase of the competition at Unikrn.


At 10-Bet there is also a huge focus on the big ESL One event in Cologne this month with the ability to bet on Money Line and Spread markets on all of the initial group games in the event.

There’s also plenty of opportunity earlier in the week to bet on some intriguing League of Legends OGN The Champions matches, with Jin Air taking on IM on the 18th and Dark Wolves facing off against Ever on the 20th August.

On the 19th August, there’s also betting to be had on the Starcraft BroodWar SonicTV Starleague as by.hero take on Free.

Remember too, it is well worth checking back in the week on all our eSports markets because bookmakers only tend to list odds for matches happening in the next few days and as matches are played, new markets will be made available throughout the week for you to bet on across a number of eSports.


There’s a big selection of eSports available to bet on this week at Ladbrokes.

Starting with the OGN The Champions, you can bet on Jin Air v IM and two days later Dark Wolves take on Ever, with the former the hot favourites to win that encounter.

Ladbrokes are also offering the chance to bet on which team will win each of the first group games in the forthcoming ESL One competition in Cologne,

If Starcraft is more your choice of game to bet on then Ladbrokes offers a good selection of ProLeague games on Monday 17th August, including games featuring the all-conquering SK Telecom team and later in the week they are offering betting on the SonicTV Starleague clash between By Hero and Free.


Pinnacle Sports are offering a wide range of betting markets across the same League of Legends, Counter Strike: GO and StarCraft 2 markets as some of the bookmakers shown above. However Pinnacle do tend to offer a wider choice of games from each competition compared to their peers above.

For example, in the League of Legends OGN The Champions series, you can also bet on the KOO Tigers v Najin e-mFire match up, as well as the Jinn Air v IM and Dark Wolves v Ever matches you will find with other bookmakers.

There’s also an excellent choice of match ups available in the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series including MarineLord v Masa, Has v Iaguz as well as betting for how these teams will far on each of the first three maps that they will contest.

Bet365 Sports

Bet365 Sports update their eSports offering on a daily basis to reflect matches that are due to take place over the next 24/48 hours maximum.

As such, there is no detailed list of eSports games taking place from the 17th August onwards, however if you check back to the site from Monday this week, we are sure you will find extensive betting available, particularly on the Counter Strike: GO LCS One competition from Cologne, as well as other bets available for League of Legends.

William Hill

The Counter Striker: GO tournament LCS One is the main focus for eSports betting fans at William Hill this week.

Like most of the companies who offer betting on eSports, this big four-day event in Cologne is likely to offer the majority of eSports betting opportunities this week with William Hill. Betting on most of the first round clashes between the sixteen competing teams is already available for eSports fans via the William Hill website.  


There’s a good mix of eSports betting available on Betway with League of Legends and StarCraft 2 betting available throughout the week on a number of different tournaments, but once again it is the Counter Strike: GO LCS One tournament in Cologne which is dominating the betting at Betway for eSports fans.

Remember, if you place an acca bet using 5 or more selections from eSports matches on the Win Market, Betway will give you your money back as a free bet if one of your selections lets you down.

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