Esports Technologies files a patent for live stream betting

Published: Jun 24, 2021 - Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Esports Technologies, one of the biggest providers of advanced esports wagering products and technologies, has announced that they have filed a patent for a technology that enhances the betting experience for sports and esports live streaming events.

The new patent

This new patent filing covers a wide range of streaming platforms. This means that their new proprietary technology can integrate sports and esports wagering across platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Amazon TV & Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Hulu. This patent could integrate their technologies directly onto the live streaming services.

Live betting on esports tournaments has become a very popular option for many esports betting operators. If Esports Technologies can provide this service to other sites that don’t yet offer it, we could see a huge boost in viewership to esports events as well as a wider range of esports betting options.

Esports Technologies

Esports Technologies is a company that provides esports wagering products and technologies for various different betting sites. They have recently begun operating their own wagering platform, This is an esports betting site that operates in Japan, Brazil, and Thailand. These are market areas that have a rapidly growing esports market as well as popular live streaming options. It will be interesting to check out how they implement their new patented technology into their own esports betting site.

Esports Tecnologies

Comment from the company

Aaron Speach, CEO, Esports Technologies, spoke about their new plans for stream wagering:

“How we watch and bet on sports has changed and this patent-pending technology is the next step. Our technology will allow bettors to stay in the zone, accessing everything they need right there in the browser without ever leaving their streaming environment. The industry is ripe for this kind of innovation. This patent filing is the first step for us in our continued journey to enhance the wagering experience for everyone.”

Live streaming and wagering

According to the announcement from Esports Technologies, live streaming has seen a huge growth in the past few years. In 2019 the global audience watched 1.97 trillion hours of live-streamed content and that only grew in 2020 when the total number of hours watched by the global audience rose to 3.93 trillion. A sizeable percentage of those hours came from live streaming sites like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming. As the names suggest, all of these are gaming-focused streaming options and they present betting sites a fantastic opportunity.

Esports Technologies are planning to integrate their own proprietary interface over the already popular streaming platforms. This will allow them to offer an immersive wagering experience for fans. The interface can show odds in real-time as well as allow customers to make prop bets in their browser. Similar products already exist but they require users to navigate to specific betting sites. From the information provided in this announcement, it looks like they are presenting a technology that could let you bet on CS:GO without leaving your favourite streaming site.

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