Esports Technologies launch Gogawi Wagering Site in Brazil

Published: Jun 10, 2021 - Last Updated: Jun 24, 2024

Brazilian esports fans and people who love to bet on esports in Brazil are going to be delighted by the news that Esports Technologies, one of the foremost providers of esports betting products and technology, has released its popular esports betting service in the country.

The platform, which has already been released to great acclaim in Thailand and Japan previously, offers customers in Brazil a complete and industry-leading esports betting service that offers betting options across a wide range of esports tournaments and matches, with up to the minute odds available.

Esport Technology Brazil Launch

Bespoke design for Brazilian Market

Rather than simply ship the same platform used in Thailand and Japan to Brazil, Esports Technologies will tailor their site specifically for the Brazilian esports betting market.

The industry is already undergoing rapid expansion in Brazil, along with esports in general and predictions are that esports betting will become one of the most popular forms of betting in the country within the next few years.

As such, the new site will feature plenty of games and markets for the esports titles that are most popular in the largest South American country and market. This will range from offering the latest Dota 2 odds on tournaments like The International, the richest esports tournament in the world, to smaller, more localised events for other popular esports.

This will of course include betting markets available for the likes of League of Legends, Call of Duty, as well as a wide choice of CSGO betting from tournaments taking place all over the world.

With the country also hosting the Copa America football tournament, it is expected the site will also cater for Brazilian’s love of soccer by offering extensive FIFA betting too.

In addition to its extensive and intuitive betting service, will also allow Brazilian users to access the live streams of many top esports events, and they will also be able to place bets on the games live too.

Gogawi wagering platform

Important Move for Esports Technologies Gogawi Platform

Having enjoyed success in Japan and Thailand, the move into Brazil is an important move for Esports Technologies. Not only is Brazil’s population the largest in Latin America, but it is also the most established based for esports in that particular region.

However, it should be noted that esports popularity is growing across all countries in the region and as such, this first introduction for the Gogawi platform in Brazil is seen as a stepping stone towards the service being expanded into the growing Latin American esports market.

Brazil is ranked 13th in the world for Esports gaming popularity and during the pandemic, the popularity of esports has increased massively. Estimates have now been upgraded to suggest that by 2024, the esports industry in Brazil could be worth $101 billion.

Esports Betting Giant

Speaking about the release of in Brazil, Esports Technologies CEO, Aaron Speech, commented:

“Brazil is on the precipice of becoming an esports betting giant, and as such, I am delighted to see Gogawi available to Brazilian esports fans and bettors. Brazilian esports has taken off, with a record-breaking number of people viewing major tournaments and competitions, like the Brazilian League of Legends Championship.”

“With this increase in esports popularity and engagement from fans, we are excited to bring an innovative and dynamic layer of engagement to esports competitions in Brazil, giving fans a chance to win big.”

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