Esports Technologies Announces Partnership with Incentive Games

Published: Apr 20, 2022 - Last Updated: Jun 24, 2024

Esports Technologies, an organisation offering ‘engaging and unique wagering experiences’ has announced a partnership with Incentive Games. At the core of this partnership is a software license and service agreement that will see Incentive Games build and provide free-to-play games to Esports Technologies and its subsidiaries. There’s an intention at the heart of this deal to boost customer acquisition and retention across Esports Technologies’ brands, including the likes of Gogawi and BetTarget.

Reportedly, the first title that will be created by Incentive Games will be a free-to-play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive themed game. There are direct tie-ins to the esports industry, with the game (and subsequent titles) utilising CS:GO wagering markets. While information regarding these games is sparse at present, Incentive Games has already promised ‘engaging game mechanics’ that will retain customers.

An Added Incentive

Esports Technologies CSGO
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Following the successful deployment of a CSGO-themed title on Esports Technologies’ esports betting platforms, other titles will surely follow. According to a press release, while the deal begins with the CSGO title, it will be followed by games themed around Dota 2, League of Legends, and Valorant. In a statement, the CEO of Incentive Games, John Gordon, said:

This is a flagship moment for us and also for Esports Technologies. We have chosen what we feel is the best esports focused company for us to enter the vertical. We are taking what we have learned with traditional sports and casino free-to-play games and adapted new products specifically for esports. Our algorithms and data models will help us evolve these games through data-driven design, which will allow Esports Technologies to continue its vision to be the leader in esports wagering.

Esports Technologies is an award-winning iGaming firm, and Incentive Games has a proven track record in the industry. There are high expectations that this partnership will prove to be fruitful for both organisations. For Esports Technologies, the provision of premium free-to-play games themed around top esports brands will help to bolster its userbase and attract new players that are fans of the featured franchises.

Advancing Technology

This news comes mere days after an announcement from Esports Technologies regarding the launch of its odds and modelling feed technology. This launch brings a fresh host of odds and markets to Esports Technologies’ portfolio of platforms, allowing users to take advantage of more markets than ever before. It was a huge improvement to the existing betting experience, and now, Esports Technologies’ platforms will be further expanded through the partnership with Incentive Games.

Offering a final word on the deal, Esports Technologies’ Director of Loyalty and Retention, Michael Barden, explained:

In Incentive Games, we have a recognized developer with a track record of building free-to-play games across all wagering verticals to actively engage and retain players. We have immediate access to Incentive’s library of game mechanics we can apply to the esports vertical, and we will be jointly developing custom free-to-play games that are authentic to our rapidly evolving gamer audience.

Now, users of Esports Technologies’ platforms simply need to wait for the games to come rolling in.

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