Essence Emporium Returns to LoL

Published: Jun 25, 2022

One of the most awaited features of League of Legends, the Essence Emporium is back for players’ use. Riot Games has announced the news in the Patch Notes 12.12 article. Summoners, here is a great chance for you to spend all that Blue Essence that you have gathered by playing games after games!

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What is Essence Emporium?

The Essence Emporium is very important for the die-hard League of Legends players. After acquiring every champion in the game, there is almost no meaning to earning more Blue Essence as there are plenty of options for players to spend them. However, Riot Games has a unique way to keep players’ interest and bond to the game even more.

It will be available for players’ use from June 28 to July 12 so players have a good amount of time still to collect more Blue Essence. The company will let players spend their Blue Essences for both in-game perks and profile cosmetics. Nab Chromas, ward skins, emotes, icons and more will be available on market for players to spend their Blue Essences. Moreover, Urfwick is also back!

One of the best jungle champions for lower elo players, Warwick’s Urfwick skin is back with the Essence Emporium. For many players, it is one of the top LoL skins as it is relatively hard to gain. Players need to spend 150k Blue Essence in order to own the skin which makes it pretty special. It is only available on the market twice a year and it is now the time for you to get it if you are a Warwick player. There is no other way for players to claim Urfwick even if you want to, except the Essence Emporium time.

Essence Emporium Rework

This time, Riot Games has decided to rework the emporium for principal reasons. The company will work on the shop for major repairs and next time, it will be going on hiatus. “The Emporium is built, tested, and shipped in a…not so great way that takes astronomically more work than any reasonable person would fathom. That cascades into delays and feature-cutting for things like events, missions, and other ways of getting stuff. Beyond making the Emporium more efficient to run, we’re also exploring some long-needed navigation and usability improvements for when (not if) it returns.” said the company in the patch notes.

The “twice a year” formula may be extended this year because of the major repairs and more. According to Riot Games, players will have a chance to complete three missions and receive 30 Mythic Essence in return, 10 for each. It used to be the usual three Gemstone bundle.

After the fix, it is expected that Riot Games will improve it for players to benefit from it more than ever. It is still unclear what it will look like in the future but hopefully, it will be better for players’ use and benefits. Apart from the Essence Emporium, the first rotation of the Mythic Shop rotation has also arrived. Prestige K/DA Evelynn, Prestige Pulsefire Lucian, Final Boss Veigar’s Mythic chroma, Hextech Ziggs, Dreadnova Darius, and Ashen Knight Pantheon are the rotation.

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