We’ve Got Your Number: Week 7 EU LCS Coverage And eSports Wagering Predictions

Published: Feb 25, 2016 - Last Updated: Oct 4, 2022

[toc]Week 6 was filled with matchups that will have everlasting effects on the playoff picture for the European Spring Split. We’re here to recap all the action and preview week 7 with predictions and analysis.

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A changing of the guard

The first big matchup of the week featured Fnatic versus G2 eSports. Fnatic has struggled during the early part of this split, which led to them replacing Noxiak at the support position.

This is a strong organization that is always looking at the bigger picture. Winning right now isn’t as important as being at their maximum potential heading into the playoffs.

With that being said, Fnatic isn’t guaranteed a playoff spot. They were a pedestrian 6-4 heading into week 6 with the disparity from top to bottom marginal at best.

Enter G2 eSports, an 8-2 squad that many consider the second best team in EU. This was one of the matchups that Fnatic needed to win, especially considering G2 won their first matchup.

G2 started out strong in the rematch, securing a 5k gold lead just 10 minutes into the game. A 4-2 exchange a few minutes later allowed G2 to increase their gold lead to 8k 20 minutes into the game.

A lapse in pressure, and perhaps slightly disrespecting Fnatic, led to G2 trying an early Baron that ended in disaster. From there, Fnatic’s Gamsu and Febiven were able to provide enough crowd control to win a game they were behind in for the entire duration.

After escaping G2 on day 1, Fnatic entered a much more favorable matchup against Splyce on day 2. What ensued was a total beat down by Splyce, winning 13-0 in a game that was never really close.

In both of Fnatic’s game, Spirit looked out of sorts. He finished the week 0-8-10 while playing both games on carry oriented junglers. If not for a miracle comeback against G2, Fnatic realistically could be 6-6 and tied for the last playoff spot. Not a position the Fnatic organization or their fans are used to.

Team Vitality takes down H2K

Before we break this game down, if you haven’t watched it, you really should. H2K started out really strong this split and has been considered the top team in EU.

Meanwhile, Team Vitality lost to ROCCATS in week 1 and looked more like a mid-tier team. Last week was a really huge turning point for them though, as they went 2-0 against G2 eSports and Origen. Their first matchup saw H2k win with a mere 8 kills.

With Team Vitality building up to this moment, it was sure to be an excellent matchup.

This was an epic slugfest that lasted over an hour. Gold swings of 5k happened in just minutes, with this game playing out more like a chess match. Both teams went for over 210,000 gold combined before Cabochard’s Graves placed a crucial smoke screen that turned the game in Vitality’s favor.

It’s a big win for Vitality, who now find themselves tied with H2K and G2 eSports for first place. Despite taking the loss, H2K still remains the favorite in Europe, but Vitality is now in the discussion.

eSports betting predictions – Week 7 / Day 1

G2 eSports vs. Elements

G2 enters week 7 tied for first place at 9-3 and is looking to bounce back after giving away a game to Fnatic last week.

Meanwhile, Elements is coming off a disappointing 0-2 in week 7. Elements had a great chance of beating a struggling Origen team in week 6. In fact, they had a 3k gold lead 20 minutes in before a team fight went south and Origen was able to secure a Baron kill that ended the game.

Losing to the 1-10 Giants the next day was a devastating blow as well.

For Elements, they’ve struggled against the top tier teams but are competitive against the lower tier teams. G2 is one of the top teams in the EU, and I expect more of the same.

Take G2 here if you’re planning to do any real money esports betting on this matchup.

Giants vs. Team Vitality

After taking down H2K and Unicorns of Love last week, Vitality enters this week at an all-time high. They’re playing great right now, and they’re facing a team that just picked up their first two wins in the last two weeks.

I don’t expect the Giants to pick up their third win here.

Pick Vitality with confidence here.

H2k vs. Fnatic

We’ve detailed Fnatic’s struggles earlier in the article. This isn’t a must win game for them, but it sure would help ease some of the concern.

Yes, H2K did lose last week to a really good Vitality team. However, all three of H2K’s losses have been extremely close games and they’ve played at a high level all split long.

Fnatic can’t say the same. Fnatic has a chance here, but take the more consistent team in H2K.

Splyce vs. Origen

This is a big game for both teams.

Origen has struggled as of late and currently sit in 6th place at 6-6 while Splyce is 2 games behind at 4-8. Origen’s head coach, Hazel, announced he will be stepping down this week.

Splyce upset darling Fnatic last week in a romp and they’ll be looking to take down another long time EU staple in Origen. These two just played each other in week 5, with Origen winning 12-4.

There’s really good upset potential here, but I still like Origen to win.

Unicorns of Love vs. ROCCAT

Unicorns of Love currently sit just one game behind first place and have really been playing well. Steeelback has played lights out at the ADC position and has been the superstar presence the Unicorns of Love need.

They’ll be playing a ROCCAT team that has the unfortunate distinction of being tied for last place at 2-10. ROCCAT isn’t terrible, but their inability to fight as a team mid-to-late game puts them at a supreme disadvantage in every matchup.

Take Unicorns of Love here.

Predictions – Week 7/Day 2

Origen vs. G2 eSports

Origen has struggled against the top teams this split.

I hate to put this on PowerOfEvil, but he does deserve part of the blame. They just haven’t looked like the same team that rolled through Worlds with xPeke in the mid lane.

Until Origen starts to play more consistently, I’ll continue to pick the top tier teams against them.

There’s upset potential here, but take G2.

Giants vs. H2K

Besides the Origen versus G2 game, day 2 features four matchups of top six teams against bottom four teams. This is one of those matchups.

The Giants have done great picking up two wins over the previous two weeks, but H2K isn’t ROCCAT or Elements.

Take H2K here.

Unicorns of Love vs. Splyce

If one of the bottom four teams has a chance of upsetting a top six team, this is the matchup.

Both teams like to control objectives and play rather safe. Their first matchup was close through the first 20 minutes before Unicorns of Love blew the game open.

I still like Unicorns of Love here, but if you’re looking for an upset, go with Splyce.

Fnatic vs. ROCCAT

Fnatic could use a huge win here not only for their confidence, but to put more distance against the bottom four teams.

In their first matchup in week 4, ROCCAT started off with a huge lead only to give the game away in the end. In essence, that has been ROCCAT’s kryptonite. They can start out strong in the laning phase, but when it comes to team fighting, it’s just not there.

Take Fnatic here, with a slight upset potential for ROCCAT.

Team Vitality vs. Elements

Team Vitality has played great in building up to this point in the split, and this is another matchup that strongly favors them.

We’ve talked about Elements’ struggles against top tier teams before, and this is another chance for them to prove the doubters wrong. I don’t see it happening though, and I strongly favor Vitality here.

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