Everything We Know About Diablo 4 So Far

Published: Jun 17, 2022

It has been a while since we had a big reveal for Diablo 4, but it is finally upon us. While most people expected it to be a slight update to the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls idea, Diablo 4 seems to be expanding on many things, and we are going to cover them all!

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Diablo 4 will not be monetized like Diablo: Immortal

Let us get one of the big questions out of the way first, whether Diablo 4 will suffer the same fate as its mobile port. According to the developers, the game will have microtransactions, which is not a surprise, as every modern title does, but they will definitely not be on the same level as Diablo: Immortal.

The economy within the game will be completely in the hands of the players, which would be something quite nice for a change for the fans of the Diablo franchise. Of course, this can also get ruined by bots, as we saw happen in games like Lost Ark, or to be more close to Blizzard, World of Warcraft, where bots are still running rampant. Either way, since it is a full-priced game, the Diablo: Immortal backlash might actually play a role in reducing those micro-transactions for real.

Update to loot mechanics

One of the biggest things that should certainly get players excited about the state of Diablo 4 is the updates to the legendary items. You will no longer have to discard an item that has a unique power-up just because you out-leveled it. Instead, you will be able to extract that power from the legendary item and use it on another item.

Essentially being able to make an item of rare quality into a legendary one will definitely add a lot to customization options. Having that player identity that will make you feel and play differently from others is all that Diablo is about, and you will finally be able to do it in Diablo 4.

Naturally, there are always going to be some meta builds that are better than others from the competitive point of view, but if you just want to sit down and enjoy the game for fun, then this new feature is the best thing that could be added to the game.

Another thing that is getting updated from the perspective of loot is the Diablo 4 Paragon System. If you happened to play Diablo 3, you probably know that you can grind the Paragon System indefinitely, but with Diablo 4, it is going to be capped at 100 levels. By doing this, players will be forced to make decisions on how to progress their characters instead of just grinding things out and rolling higher numbers.

This is another thing that adds up to customization, and players certainly love customization. Let’s just hope that the power level between the choices is not too high because that could create problems similar to the ones that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands had to deal with with the Covenant system.

Image Credits | Blizzard

The Necromancer

We must somehow always sneak in a joke about Blizzard doing strange things within the company, and the joke this time around is that the Necromancer is the foreshadowing of Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard and bringing back the company from the “dead” once the acquisition is completed.

Jokes aside, the trailer for the class looks amazing, and we cannot wait to play as a Priest of Rathma who is able to control the dead and summon unending forces to fight by their side.

Character Customization

With the releases of games like Lost Ark and Elden Ring recently, we could see just how much players care about customizing their character before they even jump into the game. While Diablo would usually offer characters with fixed features in the past, we will finally be able to customize the character to look however we desire, no matter what class we are playing.

PVP seems to be getting some attention too!

We all know that PVP was never the strong side of Diablo, but we all loved taking part in it when it was available at least. Diablo: Immortal actually seems to have an amazing PVP system, but unfortunately, it is ruined by its Pay-to-Win mechanics. However, considering how good the PVP is in that game, we are definitely looking forward to destroying other players in Diablo 4.

There are going to be designated PVP zones throughout the game, where you can mark yourself for PVP, then battle pretty much anyone who did the same, and “claim the spoils” if you come out victorious. Of course, we do not know how this is going to work in detail, but just hearing about developers caring about PVP to some degree is certainly interesting.

Dungeons, lots of dungeons!

For those who are fans of PVE, the big reveal for Diablo 4 mentions that there are almost 150 detailed dungeons in the game, which is an absolutely astonishing amount of content to explore. How different and how detailed these dungeons are, we do not know, but having lots of places to explore and lots of things to do, such as the Strongholds that are being added to the game too, are certainly a good thing.

Wrap up

From the big reveal, it seems that Diablo 4 is really trying to separate itself from Diablo: Immortal, which is not a surprise. However, will the company allow that to happen, and is everything revealed in June just a big pile of deceptive smoke that serves as damage control for the outrage that Diablo: Immortal brought us not long before the reveal? We will have to wait and see.

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