Everything We Know About Riot’s Project L

Published: Nov 29, 2021

Riot Games gave us new info about Project L, the upcoming League of Legends “assist-based fighter,” as the game is still in the development process. Let’s see what are the recent updates and when the game will likely be out.

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Image Credits | Riot Games

Project L’s gameplay clip was released during Undercity Nights

Project L was originally announced in 2019, back when Riot’s also announced the development of Project A, later known as VALORANT. While the former hit the public in June 2020, Project L is still in the development process. Riot Games’ Tom and Tony Cannon showed some of the progress made by the team during the live event Undercity Nights.

Project L will be a tag-team style fighting game, where the player will build and pilot a team of two different champions. In the preview, the developers showcased the updated game’s art style with a breakdown of a champion’s kit. Their goal is to have easy-to-learn but hard-to-master controls, similar to League of Legends.

They stated that the gameplay clip is a “vertical slice” that was built to “hammer out the final look of the game, in advance of actually going in and building all of our content like characters and stages.”

“Our goal is to build a super high-quality fighting game that the FGC can invest deeply in, playing for years or even decades. That takes time to get right, and we’re not going to rush it.” stated Tom Cannon, Senior Director and Executive Producer for Project L.

Riot Games’ other big priority for the game is the netcode: the team wants Project L to have “the absolute best” that you can get in a fighter. “Of course we’re starting with rollback as a foundation, and we’re adding in existing tech from Riot like RiotDirect, which does a great job at minimizing ping for League of Legends and VALORANT.”

When will the game be available to the public?

Riot Games mentioned that they want to turn Project L into a masterpiece and that they will take their time to make sure everything is up to perfection. The developers didn’t give the audience an exact date, but it’s 100% sure that the game won’t be ready either in 2021 or in 2022.

Nevertheless, the developers have already found their own direction, as it has been confirmed that it is “almost locked in on the stuff that makes a game a game (core gameplay, controls, art direction, etc.) but we still need to do things like build out a full roster of champions, design stages, add menus and UI, create ranking systems, and more.”

The good thing for fans is that Riot decided to commit to at least two updates next year, with the first one expected to come in the second part of 2022.

In the last two months, Riot Games have been all over the place. Following Worlds 2021, Riot Games decided to launch their first-ever animated series Arcane. Its great success worldwide has created even more hype for the upcoming second season.
Meanwhile, they also made a collaboration with Epic Games, as well as releasing third-party games like Hextech Mayhem and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, with even more titles to be released next year. The company had a stellar end to 2021, but it seems like this was only the beginning…

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