Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest: LCS 2022 Summer Predictions

Posted on July 29, 2022

This match should be a fun watch since Evil Geniuses, who are the Spring champions and top the table, have suffered a loss recently and FlyQuest are in decent nick with two wins before taking on Cloud9. The two sides had even records in the league last season with nine wins and losses each but FlyQuest will be well aware that the LoL odds will be quite heavily in favor of Evil Geniuses heading into this match.

Evil Geniuses have already equaled their league wins from last season, whereas FlyQuest need two more. A win here could even give them a chance of landing second or first place in the league. This should make this a thrilling LCS match, which is great for League of Legends betting.

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Predictions: Evil Geniuses to win

Odds: 1.37

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: Sunday, July 31, 22:30 CEST

Evil Geniuses have been dominant all season

Evil Geniuses have shown the sort of dominance in the league this season that saw them win the playoffs last season. 16 kills per game, a KD ratio of 1.73, 8.1 towers killed per game tell a story on its own. No other side in LCS instills fear in the opponent like this one.

They also go about dominating their opponents in the most calculated way possible, which makes the task of taking them on so daunting. Matches often last a little under 35 minutes. They like to attack the towers in the early game as the 72.7% first tower rate suggests. This sets the mark for an onslaught later.

“I think we improved a lot during the Spring Playoffs, we learned a lot at MSI, and we’re just pacing ourselves,” Vulcan told Inven Global. “The meta has changed quite a bit but I feel like we’re all comfortable with the new champions that have popped up. We’re just carrying over past things we’ve learned from playoffs and MSI.

“At MSI, you kind of need to be able to play from behind against the Asian teams, unfortunately. A lot of the time, we would fall behind and then the game would become much harder; it was kind of on the other team to mess up or allow us to create an angle. In addition to that, we played so many games going through MSI, so that kind of gives us an advantage in the LCS.”

They don’t leave themselves vulnerable as with no team member facing more than 2.58 deaths per game this year. This is also a side where everyone has got the others’ back with no player averaging less than 5.21 assists per game this year. This is quite a remarkable stat and is the key to their success.

Image Credits | Fly Quest

FlyQuest couldn’t have asked for more at this stage

FlyQuest do not give any opponent an easy game. They like to come out flying with a first blood rate of 63.6%, first tower rate of 54.5% and average game duration for the season at 32 minutes and 50 seconds. The clash of styles makes for an interesting battle and LoL predictions.

Averaging 8.6 deaths per game, only 100 thieves have got fewer deaths per game in LCS this season and it is this defensive endeavor that is going to make them a difficult opponent for Evil Geniuses. They are no mugs offensively either, averaging 11.6 kills per game, so when the time to do some damage is concerned, they’ll be game.

The mid laner, toucouille, has typified this stability of this side this year and for this season with only 2.03 deaths per game this year. They have no extraordinary weaknesses to speak of and have got a healthy KD ratio of 1.33 this season for their efforts. Like Evil Geniuses, this is a side with some decent players but no one really stands out. The bot laner, Johnsun, has only averaged 3.82 kills per game, which is the highest in the side.

This is a side that’s all about the team.

Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest Predictions

This should be a tightly contested affair between two sides that depend on every member to pull their weight in different areas and give very little away. This means that quality might be the differentiating factor when it all comes down to it. FlyQuest have been good this season and are deserving of their rank on the table but Evil Geniuses are arguably the best side in the league.

FlyQuest will have to give their best and hope Evil Geniuses have an off day but that looks quite unlikely this season. We think Evil Geniuses will win this match.

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