Evil Geniuses launch their own League of Legends analytics platform

Published: Jul 15, 2021

The North American esports organisation Evil Geniuses recently announced the launch of their new League of Legends esports analytics platform that they are calling Factor.gg.


The goal of their new platform is to fill the current market gap for in-depth statistical dissection of esports data to boost performance. They have announced that the new platform will be completely free to use.

Factor.gg is focused on League of Legends esports and the organisation claims that it will build upon the simpler data solutions currently available, adding proprietary statistics and features to break down every element of professional play.

This platform will use raw data from professional and amateur leagues across the world to help other players and fans improve their performance. It could also be a major boon for anyone interested in League of Legends esports betting. It should be noted that the new analytical platform does not have the permission to access raw data from the League of Legends Pro League, the top-level professional league for League of Legends in China. Keep this in mind if you are interested in esports betting on Chinese League of Legends.

For the esports fans interested in the platform, they say that Factor.gg will offer the ability to take a deeper dive into important matches using data to engage with, watch, and talk about League of Legends esports. This is not a replacement for any other data analysis services, instead, it is meant to alongside traditional sports solutions.


Comment from Evil geniuses

Chris DeAppolonio, the Chief Innovation Officer at Evil Geniuses said:

 “Although our industry is built on ones and zeroes, esports has lagged behind traditional sports in the areas of analytics and fan-focused platforms that provide engaging new stats, insights, and content. With Factor, we’re responding to fan interest in advanced stats and esports analysis and driving a change in how this complex data is accessed and analysed.

“Factor was originally created to be used by EG competitive teams only. Through releasing it to the community, our hope is that Factor sparks further analytical discovery of what defines top talent across competitive League.”

The new developments

Evil Geniuses are claiming that their data scientists have identified 10+ new statistical categories to measure League of Legends play. The central pillar of these new statistical elements is POWR (Performance Objectively Weighted and Rated). This is a multi-layered figure that takes into account over 30 different statistical categories.

They believe that POWR can provide an unbiased assessment of the strength of a team or player as well as allow for easily understandable way to compare competitors. For an analytical esports platform it makes sense that playing ability will be ranked by POWR levels.

Data analysis has become a major pillar of the esports world in recent years. Esports betting and the increased use of data analysis platforms like Factor.gg has pushed the sector forward. We could see an even more pronounced shift than the Sabermetrics and Moneyball craze that struck baseball in the 90s and early 2000s.

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