EG x Thunderpick: A Partnership for the Ages

Published: Oct 10, 2023 - Last Updated: Apr 8, 2024

Evil Geniuses are one of the most recognizable brands in esports. They’ve got teams in the top games in the world including Dota 2 and Counter-strike. Thunderpick is among the most recognizable brands in esports betting too. So what happens when these two giants come together to expand their partnership?

We had the opportunity to speak with EG ahead of their TI run in Seattle about the new partnership and what it means for the brand going forward.

Brand Parallels

It’s not like a pairing between EG and Thunderpick came out of nowhere. Both are big players in the world of esports. They haven’t been working together long, only since the first few months of 2023 when a Thunderpick sponsorship of EG’s CSGO teams was announced. But since then, they seem to have gone from strength to strength.

 “Since joining forces together earlier this year, Thunderpick has become one of our closest partners, working with us every step of the way to bring our mission and values to life across the Counter-Strike space including the support of our main and women’s rosters. Because of the synchronicities of our brand, we couldn’t be more thrilled to now expand this premier partner into the Dota 2 ecosystem, a space EG has long-reigned supreme as we head into the start of The International 12 in our hometown of Seattle.”

Counter-Strike and Dota 2 betting form a large part of the esports betting service provided by Thunderpick. As we found in our Thunderpick review, this means providing top-tier pre-match and live betting opportunities for some of the most popular games out there. For EG, this means competing at the very top level consistently.

evil geniuses thunderpick partnership ahead of the The International

Engagement With Players Through Gaming and Betting

“For both parties, our primary goal has been to provide EG fans with more ways to actively participate in their fandom. Whether by opportunities to engage directly with our players, learning key insights from our coaches, or watching our teams participate on the biggest stages, both brands have strived to provide our fans with more access and, in turn, reward their fandom.”

Audience engagement for both of these brands is key to their success and the EG x Thunderpick partnership plays a significant role. They are able to combine their strengths to bring a better viewing and betting experience to a tournament like The International.

“This partnership between Thunderpick and EG is mission-aligned to bring unforgettable experiences to esports audiences and to provide esports athletes with the support they need to succeed competitively. Our recent expansion of this partnership reflects the continued shared vision and investment from both organizations to advance the success of esports on a global scale. This partnership also reflects EG’s and Thunderpick’s shared commitment to supporting women in gaming as women’s fandom and participation in esports grows worldwide.”

EG x Thunderpick at TI12 2023

TI12 is just days away and EG have got some treats in store for their fans that make it to Seattle.

Even if fans can’t attend in person, they can still look forward to special online content produced by Thunderpick as a key part of their collaboration. Betting on The International couldn’t get much easier than at Thunderpick.

“In celebration of this partnership, players and fans can look forward to meet and greets with their favorite players, chances to win branded merchandise, exclusive team content, and so much more. For TI12, Thunderpick will be the presenting partner of Evil Geniuses’ live social coverage with photos and videos from the event that will provide fans with behind-the-scenes access to one of the most important esports events of the year.”

We don’t want to shock you too much but it’s not all about TI12 either. The Thunderpick World Championship is right around the corner and EG will be there every step of the way. 

“The International 12, as well as the upcoming Thunderpick World Championship, are going to be a huge moment for both brands, so stay tuned for more exciting content around both of those milestones.”

Image: Thunderpick

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