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Published: Aug 6, 2021

Evo 2021 Online is returning again this year, and although the players will attend the event from the comfort of their own homes, we’ll still be treated to the same fighting game tournaments that we all love so much. This year, Evo will introduce their brand new sponsor, Visible, who is one of the leading all-digital wireless carriers in the United States and is owned by Verizon.

This sponsorship will undoubtedly help Evo immensely and take it to the next level, but Visible also stands to gain much from this by connecting with a much wider audience.

Visible steps into the ring

Evo 2021 Online is the pinnacle of the fighting game scene. It holds the biggest fighting game tournaments, and as such, attracts the largest audience of die-hard fans. It is also the time during which Evo betting totally explodes, with many betting on their favorite players and games, with Tekken betting being one of the most popular ones.

Pro Evo Championship Las Vegas

This time, Visible will step into the ring as the new sponsor, and they couldn’t be more excited about it.

Kirstie Rivard, Head of Partnerships and Sponsorships at Visible, stated the following:

“EVO is the perfect stage for Visible to connect with the passionate and engaged fanbase of the fighting game community,”

She also added:

“That’s why we created Visible watch parties to bring fans a more intimate, elevated, and engaged viewing experience on Twitch, and introduce more esports fans to Visible at the same time. Visible believes in the power of connectivity and community, and we’re thrilled to partner with the FGC ecosystem, its players, and the community. It’s truly game changing.”

Visible will be a part of the Evo 2021 Online, as well as November’s Evo 2021 Showcase, and they’ll be presenting the Unique Content Feature (Name That Champion) along with some standard promotional placements.

Jason Scorrano, VP of Sales and Partnerships, RTS also shared his enthusiasm:

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce Visible’s involvement with Evo 2021,”

Furthermore, he added how taking the tournament online was a major decision and one that would’ve been difficult to achieve without lightning-fast internet from companies like Visible.

“Taking the tournament online in 2021 was a major decision for us – and it wouldn’t be possible without the lightning-fast internet that companies like Visible have placed around the world. Along with their dedication to improving the gaming industry, Visible couldn’t be a more natural fit for Evo.”

Evo 2021 Online begins

Evo Online 2021

The world’s largest fighting game tournament begins today, and you really shouldn’t miss it. The event will span across two weekends – the first one being from August 6-8, and the second from August 13-15.

This esports event will be incredible and one that many will remember for years to come, and the fact that Visible is a part of the event makes it even better. This is a huge milestone for Evo, and hopefully this sponsorship will help Evo grow and improve. Evo was already at the top of the fighting game hierarchy, and this should just help them solidify their spot even further.

With this sponsorship, Visible enters the world of esports and fighting games, bringing with it lightning-fast internet that all fans of fighting games will most definitely appreciate.

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