FansUnite launches a new kind of esports betting platform

Published: Mar 18, 2021

At this point, esports betting isn’t exactly new anymore. A lot of places offer odds on esports matches and tournaments, and more and more additional betting sites are branching out in that direction as well.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything left to innovate though – just like esports tournaments themselves are always evolving and changing for the better so is the betting world behind it. A pretty cool example of this is the FansUnite platform that will let users predict certain events live during matches, with prizes being awarded at the end.

A new way of engaging

Specifically, this platform, created by FansUnite and TGS Esports will enable players to participate (for free) and make their predictions while the game is happening. Then, when it’s all over, the players who made the most correct guesses will receive their rewards, which can include things like keyboards, headsets, and mice.

The games eligible for the app are the ones played in the Esports Gaming Stadium in Richmond, BC. It’s Canada’s first esports stadium of its kind, and it regularly (outside of Covid) hosts events like esports tournaments, viewing parties, and even local game leagues.

This new platform is the latest in FansUnite’s esports expansion roadmap – it follows previous deals with the US-based company Gameco, their purchase of Askott Entertainment, a Canadian gaming company, and another partnership with Pinnacle Solutions. All of this went down over the last year – in other words, FansUnite has really been stepping on the gas as far as esports betting and esports expansion plans go. They’ve had a pretty fantastic year – even ignoring income from the actual betting, their esports revenue exceeded 1 billion USD last year, according to their own figures.

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The FansUnite platform and integration

As for the platform itself, it isn’t exclusive to FansUnite – it’s also integrated with TGS’ own Pepper platform. In that context, anyone who is running a tournament can add their content to the platform and offer predictions, challenges, and more to players.

This is a relatively new kind of engagement in esports. Rather than just ‘normal’ esports betting with odds on who will win and by how much, fans can engage much more directly and actively (and most importantly, live) with their favourite competitions. With the Pepper implementation, even amateur competitions can add themselves to the platform and thus participate.

“Gamification is important as it allows the viewing experience to be taken to a new level. Instead of just watching tournaments fans can now play along and win prizes, which will change over time to keep the games fresh and exciting.”

said Spiro Khouri, CEO of TGS about the prediction games in their strategic partnership with FansUnite.

Meanwhile, FansUnite CEO Scott Burton said:

“TGS collaborates with numerous esports event organizers who have a large following of enthusiastic esports gamers who like to participate in their events. Our online betting solutions coupled with the TGS esports platform will enable us to attract a new and widening audience from these events.”

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