League Of Legends NA LCS And EU LCS Week 3 DFS Projections – Who To Pick And Why

Posted on June 18, 2016 - Last Updated on September 1, 2022

For all you daily fantasy esports players, we’re here to get you ready for week three of the North American and European LCS Summer Split. We’ll be doing a top two as well as one sleeper pick for each position (top, mid, jungler, adc, and support).

A few quick notes about our DFS projections:

  • Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG) and projected prices are directly from AlphaDraft.
  • The pool of players will encompass both the North American and European LCS.
  • Stats are accumulated from LoL eSports and Oracle Elixir.
  • The third player in each position is our designated sleeper pick (denoted with an *).
  • Players with less than 6 games played are not included in our stats.

Top Lane

Huni – Immortals (21.6 FPPG/$7800)

Huni has continued his dominance from last split, posting the highest FPPG among top laners to date. His 49 solo kills are 12 more than the next best player in both the NA and EU LCS. His 551 DPM (Damage Per Minute) is second only to TSM’s Hauntzer.

Huni has been dominating his lane opponents in the early parts of the game as well. His 11.4 CS advantage at 10 minutes (CS@10) is the best in the NA LCS. That’s continued throughout the course of the game, as Huni has retained a 7.7 CS Per Minute average (CSPM).

That’s also tops in the NA LCS.

Odoamne – H2K (18.5 FPPG/$7800)

This is another top laner who had a stellar Spring Split and has continued his dominance into the Summer Split. His 7.0 KDA is 1.6 points higher than the next best top laner in the EU LCS.

Just like Huni, Odamne has extended his lane dominance to include a huge advantage in CS@10 (10.8). That basically translates to Odamne securing an extra kill in lane by just his CS score differential over his lane opponent.

Combine that with his early dominance in lane pressure, and Odamne secures 421 GD@10 (Gold Advantage at 10 minutes), almost 200 gold higher then the next top laner in the EU LCS.

Vizicsacsi – UoL (14.8 FPPG/$6800)*

This is our sleeper pick of the week in the top lane. The price is right, and he has a high ceiling this week. He’ll be playing against G2, which normally would dissuade you from picking him. However, G2’s top lane is in flux currently, and I expect him to take advantage there.

His other opponent this week, Vitality, hasn’t exactly thrilled fans through two weeks.

Vizicsacsi won’t thrill you in the stat sheets. His 64 percent KP is mediocre, along with his 3.1 CS@10. If you’re looking for a bargain player with a high ceiling, though, this is a pretty good choice.

Mid Lane

Pobelter – Immortals (24.5 FPPG/$7900)

A recurring theme you’ll see throughout our DFS projections – Immortal players. In fact, we have every single player in our top two. This is a team that can dominate opponents, and their matchups this week are favorable. If you’re looking to load up players from one team, you can’t go wrong with players from Immortals.

Pobelter has enjoyed another great start this split, only overshadowed by a certain Cloud9 mid laner (if anyone questioned Jensen taking the top spot from Bjergsen in the mid lane this split, you can put that to rest now). Pobelter has the second highest kill count (41) in the NA and EU LCS. He won’t wow you with his CSPM (8.2), but he knows how to finish plays.

Fenix – TL (19.5 FPPG/$7900)

It’s been a rough split so far for Team Liquid, and that includes Fenix. The team has been out of sink, but we saw some signs of life last week. Fenix finds himself a highly sought after commodity in large part because of TL’s easy schedule this week.

Despite TL’s poor play, Fenix has still posted advantages against his lane opponent. He has a 4.9 CS@10, second highest in the NA LCS. His 8.8 CSPM also places him in the top four. I expect more kills to come his way this week, increasing his FPPG.

PowerOfEvil – Origen (8.8 FPPG/$7100)*

Much like Fenix, it hasn’t been the best start to the split for PowerOfEvil and Origen. The tables could turn this week though, as Origen find themselves with two decent matchups.

The main concern I have for PowerOfEvil is his early game. Currently he ranks last in CS@10, with a -9.8 average. He’s able to curtail that later in the game though, as his 8.7 CSPM is average. For a sleeper pick at $7100 with two decent matchups, PowerOfEvil could be a great bargain find.


Trick – G2 (20 FPPG/$7900)

Through two weeks, Trick has been really good. Like, really good. His 9.9 KDA is nearly 4 points higher than the next best jungler. Averaging only one death per game (tops in the EU LCS) while assisting with 62 kills (top three) definitely helps.

Trick isn’t just dominating in the lanes, he’s also been clearing the jungle at a great pace. His 4.7 CSPM is top among junglers in the EU LCS. Combine his CS and KP, and you have a player who earns nearly 262 GPM (Gold Per Minute). That’s tops in the EU LCS as well for junglers.

Reignover – Immortals (23 FPPG/$7700)

Reignover is essentially the Trick of the NA LCS. He’s statistically in the top three of every major category for junglers. There’s been no drop off in production from last split, that’s for sure.

Where Reignover excels best is enabling his team. His 75 percent KP is tied for second best in the NA LCS. He’s also been farming like crazy, securing a 7.4 CS@10 (tops in the NA LCS for junglers). His 4.7 CSPM is also tied for first in the NA LCS. What more can you say about this guy?

Santorin – NRG (17 FPPG/$7200)*

NRG has struggled so far this split, but you really can’t blame Santorin. It seems the team can only find kills if Santorin is around (his 82 percent KP is highest in the NA LCS among all players). The question is whether or not he can keep it up.

Santorin’s 5.7 KDA is second only to Meteos so far this split. The price is right here if you’re looking for a sleeper. NRG will have two tough matchups, but Santorin should get his 15-20 FPPG.


Steeelback – ROCCAT (23 FPPG/$8300)

Steeelback has just been dominating the stat sheets so far this split. He’s a dynamic threat, with the ability to abuse his lane opponent as well as to navigate the trickiest of team fights. He’s rarely caught out of position, always has a CS advantage in lane (7.1 CS@10), and is always in the right place at the right time (77 percent KP – highest among ADC’s in the EU LCS).

Need more proof Steeelback should be a high preference? Just pick any statistic you want: CSPM (9.4), GD@10 (142), DPM (675), or DMG percent (29 percent). They’re all top three among ADCs. It doesn’t matter the matchup, this guy just dominates.

WildTurtle – Immortals (24.7 FPPG/$8000)

Another Immortals player, and another top three performer at his position. Immortals has taken more chances this split, leading to even more chaotic teamfights. It also helps that the team has played three games in every series so far.

WildTurtle hasn’t racked up quite as many kills as we saw with his hot start last split, allowing his teammates to get more takedowns (his 74 assists is second highest among ADCs). He’s still pumping out the damage though, with 620 DPM (tied for second in the NA LCS).

LOD – Envy (17 FPPG/$7800)*

LOD has been quite the find for Envy so far this split. He’s the only player in the entire NA LCS to have played 10 games and average less than one death per game. This is while maintaining a 75.8 percent KP, highest among ADCs.

LOD’s 8.9 CSPM is also tied for third in the NA LCS. His 296 EGPM is second to only Doublelift. He won’t be cheap, but you can shave off some money while getting a really great player.


YellOwStaR – Fnatic (15 FPPG/$7500)

It appears YellOwStaR really was homesick. Since his return to the EU LCS, YellOwStaR has immediately become one of the top performing supports. His 82.8 percent KP is second highest in both the NA and EU LCS.

Watching YellOwStaR play this split has been a thing of beauty. He’s been finding picks at a crazy rate, securing the highest EGPM (160) and G percent (percentage of teams gold – 12.3 percent) among support players in the EU LCS. In short, he’s pretty good.

Adrian – Immortals (20 FPPG/$7400)

We can’t leave Adrian out of the mix. The top performing support from last split is picking up right where he left off at. He’s helped his team with 111 assists, tops in both the NA and EU LCS.

Adrian is also excellent at securing vision for his team. His 1.54 WPM (Wards Per Minute) is tops in the NA and EU LCS. He’s sacrificed himself quite a bit more this split, but his 4.3 KDA is still top four in the NA LCS for support players.

VandeR – H2K (16 FPPG/$7300)*

If you’re short a couple hundred when it comes time to picking a support player, taking VandeR isn’t a bad consolation prize. His 8.3 KDA is second highest among support players in the EU LCS.

Just like Adrian, vision control is another great aspect of VandeR’s game. His 1.50 WPM and 0.40 WCPM (Wards Cleared Per Minute) are top three in the EU LCS. He also has the second fewest deaths among support players, averaging just over one death a game.

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