Esports Fantasy Focus: Best League Of Legends Draft Values For NA LCS Week 7

Published: Jul 18, 2016 - Last Updated: Feb 25, 2020

[toc]We’re down to the last three weeks of the NA LCS Summer Split, and teams are now vying for playoff positioning.

This week is filled with great League of Legends matchups, and we’re here to get you set on the right path toward your DFS lineup. We’ll be doing a top two as well as one sleeper pick for each position (top, mid, jungler, adc, and support).

A few quick notes about our DFS projections:

Top Lane

Huni – Immortals (23.4 FPPG/$8000)

If it feels like Huni regularly appears in our DFS lineup each week, it’s because he’s that good. It doesn’t matter the matchup; Huni has proven to be a consistent performer and the best top laner in the NA LCS currently.

Huni looked fantastic last week, especially in their first series against Team Liquid, posting a stat line of 23-10-12. Both games Huni was able to exert his dominance over TL’s Lourlo, including Game One when he went 11-3-5 on Gangplank and Game Three when he went 12-4-6 on Hecarim.

Huni continues to impress with his DPM (558), 50 more DPM than the next top laner. They open up this week against Counter Logic Gaming on Friday night, which is also the Series of the Week. That could be an interesting matchup for Huni, as he’ll have to play a resurging Darshan. Immortals then will take on Echo Fox, a matchup I love for Huni.

Hauntzer – TSM (21 FPPG/$7800)

We discussed Hauntzer’s importance to TSM last week, and that continues to be true. He’s pushing Huni in every statistical category, but I’m not quite ready to crown him the best top laner in NA.

Hauntzer was terrific against Apex Gaming, including a 5-0-13 stat line in Game Two, essentially carrying TSM to victory on Shen. He currently has the highest KDA among top laners at 4.9 as well as an impressive 8.3 CS@10 (also the best among top laners).

I like both of Hauntzer’s matchups this week. He’ll start off by taking on Echo Fox’s kfo (statistically a bottom three top laner), and end the week with a matchup against TL’s Lourlo. We just saw what Huni did to Lourlo last week, and I expect similar results with Hauntzer.

Ray – Apex (19.2 FPPG/$7600)

Ray has really been a ray of light (hehe) for Apex Gaming this split. His stats back up his play, including a ridiculous 32.9 FPPG when Apex wins. He’s also been detrimental to Apex Gaming, posting a 71.5 percent KP (best among top laners).

It wasn’t the best Week Six for Ray, as the team faced some difficult competition against TSM. He finished the series with an abysmal 2-14-8 KDA. It wasn’t all his fault though, as TSM sent Bjergsen to gank his lane every chance he had.

Ray currently has the second most kills among top laners (91), as well as the highest CSPM (7.8). He’ll need to focus on cutting down on his deaths though, as he currently has 99 deaths (the most among top laners). Ray will have a difficult matchup against Cloud9’s Impact, but should find some success against Envy’s Seraph. For the price, he provides good value.


Reignover – Immortals (24.8 FPPG/$8100)

It’s really hard to stop drooling over just how good Reignover is. You can pick pretty much any major stat for junglers and he’s in the top three. He’s a selfless player, and you just have to look at his 257 assists (40 more than the next best jungler) to see that.

Every facet of Reignover’s game is impressive. When the meta favored damage oriented junglers, Reignover was clearly one of the best. Now that junglers have transitioned to a more tankier meta, he’s still one of the best junglers in the world. In three games against TL, Reignover secure 36 assists.

As we’ve stated in pretty much every past DFS lineup, taking an Immortals player is always a good idea. I like Immortals in both of their matchups this week, but especially against Echo Fox.

Dardoch – Liquid (22.3 FPPG/$8000)

Dardoch and Reignover have clearly established themselves as the top two junglers in the NA LCS. They provide differing playstyles, with Dardoch preferring to play a more damage oriented jungler (such as his famed Graves).

At times it felt like Dardoch would carry TL to victory against Immortals last week, and he almost did. His 15-9-16 stat line just breaks the crust of how well he played. Dardoch also played mind games with Reignover, taking his Rek’Sai in Game Two and winning with it. He proceeded to go 8-4-4 on Graves in the decisive Game Three, but he just didn’t get enough from the other carries on TL.

Dardoch should have a huge series against Phoenix1, and look for him to pad his stats. He’ll have to play a pivotal role against TSM though, and even that may not be enough. Either way, Dardoch is a solid choice for both series with the way he is playing lately.

Meteos – Cloud9 (21.4 FPPG/$7700)

Meteos has always been one of my personal favorite junglers to watch, both professionally and when he streams. It’s a bonus that he’s been a solid contributor in his first split back for Cloud9.

Last week was a subpar performance for Meteos. He went a pedestrian 2-3-9 in Cloud9’s series loss to TSM, but still managed to post a 3.67 KDA and a 70 KP. He helped keep Cloud9 competitive in kills, but this was more of a team failure than the responsibility falling on Meteos.

Meteos isn’t on the same level as Reignover and Dardoch, but he’s also not as expensive to pick up. He should find decent matchups in both of C9’s games. I especially like him against Apex (Shrimp currently has 87 deaths, most among junglers).

Mid Lane

Jensen – Cloud9 (24.3 FPPG/$7900)

The Jensen and Sneaky 1-2 combo has been a thing of beauty this split. He currently sits with 135 kills, tied with Doublelift for the most among all NA LCS players. His farming hasn’t taken a hit either, as his 9.5 CSPM is also the most among NA LCS players.

Last week we witnessed the always affably contested matchup between Jensen and TSM’s Bjergsen (two countrymen that also share the same birthday: your odd fact of the day). While Jensen found the early kills in the series, it was Bjergsen that was able to continuously push waves into Jensen’s tower and then immediately start roaming for map pressure.

I really like Jensen’s matchups this week. He’ll have advantages against both CLG’s Huhi (-3.7 CS@10 and 8.5 — bottom three among mid laners) and Apex’s Keane (-1.9 CS@10 and a 8.9 CSPM). Look for Jensen to do what Bjergsen just did to him — create an advantage with his CS and then roam the map for kills.

Fenix – Liquid (22.1 FPPG/$7800)

Fenix has really stepped his game up this split. Even though Liquid lost to Immortals, none of that can fall on Fenix’s shoulders. He consistently abused Pobelter in lane, combining to go 13-7-17 the entire series, including a 7-0-5 game 2 victory on Viktor.

Where Fenix has done most of his damage this split is when TL groups to fight. His 647 DPM is the most among all players in the NA LCS. He’s also improved his CSPM (9.2) while still averaging 32.4 percent of his team’s damage.

I really like Fenix in their first series of the week. TL will get to play Phoenix, a bottom-tier team in the NA LCS. Pirean will have a difficult time just keeping up with Fenix’s pressure in lane. However, I would potentially avoid Fenix against TSM’s Bjergsen.

Ninja – Envy (20.7 FPPG/$7600)

Ninja has been a very important part to Team Envy’s early success. He’s been an all around consistent performer, even when his team loses. His 18 FPPG even when his team loses is only second to his team’s ADC, LoD (18.7 FPPG).

Ninja was a bag of mixed marbles in their series against Immortals. While his 6-6-14 stat line isn’t terrible, there were areas of his game that needed clear improvement. He was secured early leads in his lane but was unable to rotate as efficiently as Pobelter.

For a sleeper pick, I like Ninja in both of his matchups this week. NRG’s GBM is statistically a bottom three mid laner (his 87 deaths is most among mid laners as well as his -6.9 CS@10). Apex’s Keane will provide a bit more of a challenge, but he’s not lighting up midlane by any means. Great value here.

AD Carry

Sneaky – Cloud9 (25 FPPG/$8200)

Sneaky continues to be an impressive player to watch each week, especially when Cloud9 wins. His 32.7 FPPG when Cloud9 wins is the best among ADCs in the NA LCS. His 14.2 FPPG when they lose is also respectable.

It wasn’t the best week for Sneaky, as Cloud9 had a difficult time responding to TSM’s map control in their first series. He looked much better against NRG’s ohq, though. Going 12-2-12 against NRG in their second game, as well as posting 337 CS, really helped bolster his fantasy points for last week.

Sneaky finds himself in two favorable matchups this week. He should fair well against Apex’s Apollo, and he’s historically performed really well against CLG’s Stixxay. He’s been consistent all split, regardless of the competition.

WildTurtle – Immortals (26.6 FPPG/$8300)

It was another great week for Immortals, as they’ve really been hitting their stride as of late. WildTurtle has played a large part in that, cutting down on his deaths in recent weeks while still maintaining a top three CSPM (8.6).

WildTurtle had a great series against Team Envy, posting a score of 10-4-11 in the team’s series sweep. He was able to safely farm with Sivir, while also evading potential ganks with his Spell Shield. He continues to output the most damage among ADCs, averaging 575 DPM.

I really like Immortals this week, especially their bottom lane. They’ll have some difficulty against CLG’s Aphromoo and Stixxay, but they should still be favorites in that matchup. He’s a must-start in my opinion in their matchup against Echo Fox.

LoD – Envy (21.9 FPPG/$7800)

LoD was picked on last week by Immortal’s and WildTurtle, but that shouldn’t tarnish his overall resumé this split. He’s still an up-and-coming ADC in the NA LCS, and currently has a top three KDA (5.1) and KP (73.5 percent).

While Envy also lost to CLG last week, LoD had a respectable series. He went 6-4-8 while succumbing to extreme lane pressure from CLG. He essentially carried Envy’s damage in their Game Two loss on Caitlyn. It required some spectacular plays from CLG’s Aphromoo to catch him out of position.

I like LoD in both of his matchups this week. He’ll take on a struggling NRG and ohq, and then finish this week against another struggling team in Apex. For the price he should provide plenty of value.


Adrian – Immortals (21 FPPG/$7500)

When in doubt, pick an Immortals player. More specifically, take Adrian as your support. While Biofrost has stepped up his game recently, Adrian still provides the highest ceiling among supports, if only because he plays for a team that thrives in chaos.

Last week we saw Adrian resort to comfort picks, which is never a bad thing. His Soraka is world renowned. Many players in NA have half jokingly stated they have to ban Soraka if they ever see Adrian in queue. Team Envy got a giant dose of that reality last week, when Adrian went 4-5-26 on Soraka in two games.

It’s always interesting to see Adrian play against CLG’s Aphromoo, which we get to witness once again this week. Adrian prefers to sit back and healbot his teammates from a distance. Meanwhile, Aphromoo prefers to make plays and be as aggressive as possible. If you can afford Adrian when the team takes on Echo Fox I would definitely insert him into your lineup.

Biofrost – TSM (21.9 FPPG/$7500)

Is this guy really a rookie? I’m serious. He’s played exceptionally as of late. More importantly, it seems like Doublelift finally has a support he can fully trust. His pickup has been one of the best offseason transactions we’ve seen this split.

The best part of Biofrost’s game is how proactive he is. Just watch TSM’s Game One win against Cloud9 last week to see what I mean. Biofrost made an incredible tower dive to save Doublelift from C9’s Impact and provided his team with two crucial kills. His Braum plays were on point, locking down Jensen and Sneaky multiple times.

TSM remains the only unbeaten team this split, and a large part of that is because of Biofrost’s immediate growth. I really like him against Echo Fox and he should find another favorable matchup against Team Liquid.

Smoothie – Cloud9 (22.6 FPPG/$7200)

He’s been splitting time with BunnyFuFu this split, but that only seems to have elevated his play. His 30 FPPG when C9 wins is the most among support players, and that only drops to 13 FPPG when they lose (also tops among support players).

Smoothie was a no show against TSM in Game One, but that was mostly because he picked Soraka. When your team is dying faster than you can heal, that champion provides little else in utility. He didn’t have to do much in C9’s game one win over NRG either.

Smoothie loses some fantasy impact because he has to split time with BunnyFuFu. However, he really shines when C9 has to play three games in a series (typically Smoothie has been playing in the first and third games this split for C9). Considering C9 plays both Apex and CLG this week, I can see both series being extended to three games. That’s why I believe he provides great value for a sleeper pick.

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