Fantasy Focus: Draft League Of Legends Lineups For NA LCS Week 6

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With only four weeks left in the North American LCS Summer Split, it’s time for another round of daily fantasy projections. We’ll be doing a top two as well as one sleeper pick for each position (top, mid, jungler, adc, and support).

A few quick notes about our DFS projections:

  • Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG) and projected prices are directly from AlphaDraft.
  • Stats are accumulated from LoL eSports and Oracle Elixir.
  • The third player in each position is our designated sleeper pick (denoted with an *).
  • Players with fewer than six games played are not included in our stats.
  • We’ve provided a legend at the end of the article for any acronyms used.
  • If you want to compare odds across various esports betting sites, you can use our esports betting odds tracker.

Top Lane

Huni – Immortals (22 FPPG/$7800)

HuniHuni has clearly been the best top laner so far in daily fantasy leagues this split. His 22 FPPG is nearly four points higher than the next best top laner in the NA LCS.

His 91 solo kills are 25 more than Hauntzer, our second-ranked top laner.

One of the premier elements to Huni’s game is his early power. He currently has a 9.2 [email protected] advantage, best among top laners in the NA LCS. His 7.5 CSPM and 527 DPM are second only to Hauntzer. Despite having two tough matchups this week, Huni should still be a top performing player. Yup, he’s just that good.

It helps that Huni plays for Immortals, one of the most explosive teams we’ve seen in the past four years of the NA LCS. This is an elite collection of talent though, and Huni plays a pivotal role on this team.

Hauntzer – Team SoloMid (18.5 FPPG/$7700)

HauntzerIf you want to identify the growth of Team SoloMid from last split to this split, just look at how Hauntzer has played. He’s statistically in the top echelon of every major category among top laners.

Who has the fewest deaths among top laners (44), the highest KDA (4.8), and the highest DPM (532)? Yes, it’s surprisingly TSM’s Hauntzer. Hauntzer’s transformation to an elite player extends past the laning phase as well, as he currently accounts for 24 percent of his team’s damage (that’s first among top laners as well).

Just like Huni, TSM and Hauntzer will have two difficult matchups this week. Cloud9’s Impact is a veteran top laner and a respected player worldwide. Apex’s Ray has also had a solid split so far. This is a 10-0 TSM team we’re still talking about though.

Lourlo – Team Liquid (17.6 FPPG/$7300)*

LourloIt was a rough first two weeks of the NA LCS Summer Split for Team Liquid and Lourlo. The Dardoch suspension was followed by the benching of Piglet, leaving the team in a state of flux. That’s all changed in the past three weeks.

TL is 5-1 in that span, with huge wins over Cloud9 and Team Envy. It appears the team has recaptured that momentum from last split, and Lourlo is a large reason why.

His 3.8 KDA is top three in the NA LCS for top laners. He also averages 24 FPPG when TL wins, something they’ve been doing a lot of in the past three weeks.

Lourlo will have a tough matchup against Immortals’ Huni in their first matchup of the week. I really like his potential against Echo Fox’s kfo though. Kfo averages only 9.7 FPPG (worst among top laners), and that drops all the way down to 4.7 FPPG when Echo Fox loses (they’ll be strong underdogs against TL). At $7300, Lourlo provides excellent value.

Mid Lane

Jensen – Cloud9 (23.3 FPPG/$8300)

JensenWe’re running out of words to describe just how good Jensen is each week.

The talent in the midlane in both the NA and EU LCS has grown tremendously during the past year, yet Jensen continues to elevate his game to new levels.

Jensen has been the catalyst to Cloud9’s success, so much so that teams have started throwing tremendous resources in the midlane just to keep him down. In their game against Team Liquid last week, Dardoch, Matt, and Lourlo made numerous trips to the midlane to throw Jensen off his game.

Despite all the attention Jensen has received in the midlane, it hasn’t knocked him off his game. His 23.3 FPPG is second only to Pobelter’s 23.8 FPPG. His 9.4 CSPM is also tops among mid laners.

He’ll have a tough matchup against TSM’s Bjergsen before a much more favorable matchup against NRG’s GBM.

Keane – Apex (19.5 FPPG/$8000)

KeaneKeane is your typical feast-or-famine player. When Apex wins, he looks really good (28.7 FPPG when they win, highest among mid laners).

When Apex loses though, his FPPG drops all the way down to 7 FPPG.

Compare that to the more elite mid laners, like Bjergsen and Jensen, who average over 15 FPPG even when they lose, and you see how Keane can be a huge gamble.

Keane’s 133 assists, 4.9 KDA, and 74 percent KP are all top three among mid laners in the NA LCS. He’s had issues against elite talent in the mid lane though, resulting in a -1.2 [email protected]

I really like Keane’s matchup against NRG’s GBM, a series Apex should win.

He’ll have a tough series against TSM’s Bjergsen, however. Because of his feast/famine stats, start him against NRG but I would look at other options in their Day Three matchup against TSM.

Fenix – Team Liquid (20.9 FPPG/$7700)*

FenixWe’ve already discussed TL’s rebound over the past three weeks at length, and Fenix has directly benefited from the team’s resurgence.

His 20.9 FPPG is top three in the NA LCS among mid laners, despite his mediocre play in the first two weeks.

Where Fenix really shines is his lane dominance. His 5.9 [email protected] is two points higher than Bjergsen’s 3.9. His 9.1 CSPM is also top three among mid laners.

Fenix has also improved his game when it comes to fighting as a unit. His 643 DPM and 32.4 DMG% are also top two among mid laners.

Fenix will have two tough matchups this week, facing off against both Immortal’s Pobelter and Echo Fox’s Froggen.

I like his matchup against Echo Fox, and TL will be favorites in that series. It’ll be a great series against Immortals as well, but I would potentially look for options elsewhere.


Reignover – Immortals (23.3 FPPG/$8000)

ReignoverReignover is clearly the best jungler in the NA LCS, and it’s not even close. He’s statistically in the top of every major category, and the only jungler to average more than 20 FPPG. He’s part of an elite Immortals squad, so expect these trends to continue.

Reignover’s 5.4 KDA, 74 percent KP, 5 [email protected], 290 [email protected], 4.6 CSPM, 377 DPM, and 247 EGPM are all top two among junglers. That’s just pure domination at the position.

Immortals will have two tough matchups against Team Envy and Team Liquid. Just like the case with Huni though, it doesn’t matter the matchup. Reignover is just that good.

If you have the budget, start him.

Procxin – Envy (16.3 FPPG/$7800)

ProcxinProcxin has been one of the more consistent junglers so far this split. When Envy wins, he averages 24 FPPG (top three) and when they lose, he still averages 13.2 FPPG (also top three among junglers).

Where Procxin has been most effective at is his ability to help the team find kills. He has 62 solo kills, tied for tops among junglers. His 73.7 percent KP is also top three among junglers.

He’s done all of this while maintaining a 4.4 CSPM (tied for second among junglers in the NA LCS).

Procxin will have a difficult match against Immortal’s Reignover, but their Day Two series against Counter Logic Gaming should be much more favorable.

Dardoch – Team Liquid (15.5 FPPG/$7500)*

DardochMuch like the other members of Team Liquid, Dardoch has really stepped his game up during the past two weeks. He especially looks good when TL wins (which they’ve done a lot of recently), averaging 26.7 FPPG.

Just like Procxin, Dardoch has excelled at enabling his team and securing kills. He’s tied with Procxin for the most kills among junglers in the NA LCS.

He’s also tied with Procxin with 4.4 CSPM. His 400 DPM is tops among junglers and a huge asset in TL teamfights.

Dardoch will have a difficult matchup when TL plays Immortals. Their Day Three matchup against Echo Fox will be much more favorable though.

At $7500, I feel he provides great value in both matchups if you’re on a budget for junglers.

AD Carry

Sneaky – Cloud9 (24.2 FPPG/$8300)

SneakyIt always feels like Sneaky is overlooked when we talk about the best ADC’s in the world. He’s been the epitome of consistency though, and a foundational block for Cloud9.

All those night’s streaming and practicing have really paid off.

Basically you can pick any stat and Sneaky will be in the top three. His 112 kills, 158 assists, and 76.5 percent KP are tops among ADCs. His 6.1 KDA, 8.6 CSPM, and 524 DPM are also top three among ADCs.

Cloud9 will face off against TSM in the Series of the Week, and Sneaky will have a tough matchup against Doublelift. Their Day Three matchup against NRG is much more favorable though. NRG’s ADC, Ohq, is statistically one of the worst ADCs in the NA LCS.

WildTurtle – Immortals (25 FPPG/$8200)

WildTurtle isn’t quite as dominant as we saw last split, but he’s still statistically in the top three among ADCs. It helps that he plays alongside Adrian for Immortals.

WildTurtle is still a dominant force in teamfights. His 92 kills and 140 assists are top three among ADCs. He also averages 566 DPM (tops among ADCs) and has 295 EGPM (second only to Doublelift).

Immortals will be favored in both of their matchups against Team Envy and a struggling Counter Logic Gaming team this week.

WildTurtle also fits one of my rules: You can never go wrong with picking any Immortals player.

Apollo – Apex (15.7 FPPG/$7800)*

ApolloYou have to be careful when picking Apollo, but in the right matchup he can put up some big points.

Apollo averages 28 FPPG when Apex wins (top three in the entire NA LCS), but only 10.6 FPPG when they lose.

Apollo has struggled mightily in the laning phase, bottoming out with a 7.3 CSPM. His -6.9 [email protected] is also one of the lowest among ADCs. This is an area he has to improve on.

On the flip side, Apollo can excel in team fights. He has a 71.7 percent KP, top three in the NA LCS for ADCs.

Apex will have a great matchup against NRG (as we noted Ohq is statistically a poor ADC). However, I would look elsewhere for an ADC when they take on TSM on Day Three.


Adrian – Immortals (19.8 FPPG/$7600)

This guy never ceases to amaze.

It’s now two straight splits that Adrian has clearly been the best support in the NA LCS. He averages 4 FPPG more then the next best support player.

Adrian has racked up the assists this split, securing 225 assists so far (second highest in the entire NA LCS). His 149 EGPM is also second among support players in the NA LCS.

Adrian is still excellent in the vision game as well, placing 1.49 WPM (tops among supports).

I like Adrian regardless of the matchup, and there will be two difficult matchups coming his way this week.

Xpecial – Apex (15 FPPG/$7300)

XpecialWhen Apex wins, Xpecial looks great (25.7 FPPG). However, when Apex loses, it’s like Xpecial doesn’t even show up.

His 2.76 FPPG when losing is the lowest among all players in the NA LCS. He is the quintessential feast-or-famine player.

Xpecial has shown up when it matters most — in teamfights. His 209 assists and 78.1 percent KP are top three in the NA LCS among supports.

I really like Xpecial and Apex when they take on NRG in the first series of Day Two. I’d avoid him entirely when they play against TSM on Day Three, however.

Aphromoo – Counter Logic Gaming (13.5 FPPG/$6700)*

AphromooIt’s been a rough Summer Split for CLG so far. They’re currently 4-6, and just barely holding onto a playoff spot.

Some of that blame goes on Aphromoo. This hasn’t looked like the same promising team we saw last split and at MSI.

Vision has been a sore spot for CLG this split. Aphromoo is currently in the bottom three for WPM (1.07) and WCPM (0.27).

I really like CLG and Aphromoo when they take on Phoenix1 in their second series of the week (and every other team that plays Phoenix1). They may have a difficult time against Team Envy on Day Two though.


  • [email protected] – Creep Score Advantage at 10 Minutes
  • CSPM – Creep Score Per Minute
  • DMG% – Percentage of Overall Team’s Damage
  • DPM – Damage Per Minute
  • EGPM – Earned Gold Per Minute
  • FB – First Blood Percentage
  • FPPG – Fantasy Points Per Game
  • [email protected] – Gold Advantage at 10 Minutes
  • KDA – Kill/Death/Assist Ratio
  • WPM – Wards Per Minute
  • WCPM – Wards Cleared Per Minute
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