Middle East Esports Boosted After FATE Esports Pen Deal With FACEIT

Published: Apr 4, 2022

When it comes to the esports industry and the likes of esports betting, the Middle East and North Africa is not a region that immediately leaps to mind as being a hotbed for this kind of activity.

However, that could all be about to change after Jordanian esports franchise FATE Esports penned a two-year agreement to partner up with the hugely popular esports tournament service and platform FACEIT.

FACEIT are well known for producing a long line of high quality esports tournaments, such as the CSGO Esports Championship Series, which ran for eight seasons from 2016 through to the end of 2019.

Image Credits | FATE Esports / FACEIT

Improving Esports In The Middle East North African (MENA) Region

The aim of the partnership is to improve the state of the esports industry within the MENA region, which is one of the regions of the world where there remains untapped potential for massive growth within the esports industry.

Initially, FACEIT and FATE Esports will collaborate together on the CS:GO scene in the region and to that end, a brand new space has been announced specifically for teams in that region to compete in.

The space has been created on the FACEIT platform and it is called the FATE Levant and North Africa CS:GO Hub.

In addition to this and specifically of interest to FATE Esports fans, the partnership will also see FACEIT create the FATE Esports Clan on its platform, although details of precisely what this will entail have not yet been clarified.

While the focus of this partnership will initially be based on CS:GO, there is scope that the two organisations, or other organisations in the MENA region, could sign up to a deal to promote other top esports titles, such as League of Legends or Dota 2, in the region in a similar way.

“Strengthen And Accelerate”

Speaking about the deal, Mohammed Majali, the founder and CEO of FATE Esports in Jordan, commented:

Our focus has always been to strengthen and accelerate the growth of esports in the [MENA] region. Our relationship with FACEIT comes full circle in light of this partnership as the platform has played an integral role in building FATE players throughout the years.

We look forward to this new venture, bringing our fans and supporters together with FACEIT.

This is another significant move by FACEIT in what has been a very busy year for the company.

Recently, FACEIT was acquired by the Savvy Gaming Group, a business that has the backing of the Saudi Arabian government. Additionally, the company has been merged with ESL Gaming and it has also launched its own esports-themed advertising platform.

“Safe And Fair Environment”

Commenting on the partnership, the Partnerships Manager at FACEIT, Cem Mollaglu stated:

As FACEIT grows, we aim to keep building new ways that esports organisations can utilise our tools to engage with their fans more effectively and scout new talent directly from their community while providing a safe and fair environment.

Our Partnership with FATE is another example of this mission.

With the MENA region being one that has perhaps been under-represented in esports over the years, for a variety of reasons, this partnership promises to shine a light on this key region for future growth, as well as enhancing the profile of esports and both companies in the region.

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